David Arroyo

Temple work is not only sacred, it is divine

My touch is delicate and gentle. My heart is Peaceful...my mind is wonderous. The aim of my practice is to alleviate patín by elevating your senses. I have a familiarity with Eastern Bodywork. Thai/T'ai Chi/Yoga. I'm here to serve. :) PLEASE NOTE: all Bodywork is on an outcall basis

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My Services

T'ai Chi Chuan Bodywork

A Bodywork that aligns/correct the flow of body energy (Qi) to the Unive... more

Swedish Bodywork

Massage oil or cream is used with smooth, gliding strokes. Swedish massa... more

Deep Tissue Bodywork

Deep Tissue Bodywork addresses tensión in the underlying tissues of the ... more

Hand/Foot Reflexology

Alleviating the body by work on the Hands or feet. Oil is used to facil... more

Aroma Therapy derived from nature

Up grade any service by combining aromátic, essential oils to aid in you... more

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Academy for Massage Therapy and Training

Massage Therapy


Former Licensed Massage Therapist

5 yrs experience as an LMT in Texas for Hotel Spa, Massage clinic, and Chiropractic clinic