Elisha Gaviglio

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  • Massage, UT #8645670-4701


  • Utah College of Massage Therapy: Salt Lake City
  • Utah College of Massage Therapy: Salt Lake City


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Elisha Gaviglio

"Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality."

I am a passionate bodyworker, with a background in Astrology, Numerology, and Nutrition. I seek to bring the works together to gather the whole picture of the fascinating, ever-changing Human Being. 
I specialize in bringing the spirit back into the body, clearing out blockages and pain, and increasing comfort and well-being.
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Where I Work

The Posture Consultant  

1174 e 2760 s Graystone way, Salt lake city, UT 84106 Map it


Massage, UT # 8645670-4701



Utah College of Massage Therapy: Salt Lake City
Professional Program
Utah College of Massage Therapy: Salt Lake City
Master Bodyworker Program


Notable Experiences

General Nutrition Center-Store Manager
Managing a nutrition store for over 3 years gave me a lot of experience working with people's health, from coaching on weight-loss, to weight-gain, and everything in between. I loved helping people reach their goals, and continued to feed my curiosity and eagerness for health by studying bodywork at UCMT.
Utah College of Massage Therapy - Teaching Assistant
From the time I was a student, I began assisting the Education department at UCMT. I love giving back, and think everyone should have the knowledge we obtain through massage. I've helped with Anatomy, Acupressure, Russian Sports, Trigger Point Therapy just to name a few. It keeps me sharp, and I am working towards being an instructor one day!