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Anna Jackson

Your Therapeutic Serenity.

 I went to Saint Paul College for my training. I received my 500 hour in Therapeutic Massage Certificate in 2003 and my 1500 hours Associate in Applied Science for Clinical Massage Degree in 2005. My continue education has included proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching, thai massage, pre-natal massage, esalen massage, geriatric massage, trigger point therapy, aroma therapy, hot stone therapy and myofacial release. In the past 10 years in this profession, I have worked in varies... more

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Anna's Healing Massage  

777 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104 Map it


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St Paul Technical College: Massage Program
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

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by Anonymous on Jan 22
This was my second time seeing Anna, and she was really responsive to my feedback about pressure. Such a great experience!
by Chelsea C. on Jan 20
I don't think there was anything that needs improvement. The environment was so relaxing, customer service was exceptional and the customer receives lotion at the end.
by Chelsea C. on Jan 20
I don't think there was anything that needs improvement. The environment was so relaxing, customer service was exceptional and the customer receives lotion at the end.
by Anonymous on Jan 19
Another satisfied customer - thanks for doing good work Anna!
by Jeaniene C. on Jan 15
It was my first professional massage and Anna was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. I loved it!!
by Jeaniene C. on Jan 15
It was my first professional massage and Anna was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. I loved it!!
by Anonymous on Jan 02
She paid attention to every muscle in my body!
by Bridgette B. on Dec 14
by Bridgette B. on Dec 14
Anna was great and focused on trouble spots, while still making the massage relaxing.
by Bridgette B. on Dec 14
by Annette C. on Dec 09
Love the smell
by Annette C. on Dec 09
Ten thumbs up
by Annette C. on Dec 09
Just right
by Anonymous on Dec 06
Best massage i have ever had!
by Glenda B. on Dec 03
She knows really well where the place I needed to heal. It was a great experience. I refer her great service to everyone.
by Anonymous on Dec 01
It was the best massage I ever had!
by Heidi L. on Nov 30
Anna knows I am on a budget and she helped me find an affordable way to continue to my self care/pampering with her.
by Barbara S. on Nov 24
Anna's techniques and experience shined through as she worked out tension and brought back better range of motion to over worked and injured muscles.
by Anonymous on Nov 06
The massage was very enjoyable. Anna checked in with me multiple times to ensure that I was doing okay.
by Tiffany L. on Nov 02
Anna was great, I highly recommend seeing her
by Anastasia S. on Oct 30
Amazing massage, would go again!
by Michelle C. on Oct 29
She found the problem areas and gave them extra attention. Feel so relaxed and healthier. Excellent work.
by Linda D. on Oct 27
This gal knows what she is doing! Looking forward to my next massage in a couple of weeks.
by Renae L. on Oct 20
Close to where I live. Friendly rapport. Skill level high.
by Anonymous on Oct 16
Great massage! Anna was able to work out a pretty big knot in my shoulder and i left without feeling pain for the first time in weeks.
by Anonymous on Oct 15
I didn't realize that I would have to pay $5.35 for the tax when I got there. I also got started 10 or 15 minutes late. But the massage was very good and she seem to be very thorough.
by Carol A. on Oct 14
She taylored my massage to my requests. shegot rid of so many sore places that I feel like a liberated woman! It was the best massage I've ever had and I've had over two hundred massages!
by Anonymous on Oct 12
I came to Ann for a prenatal massage. She listened to my concerns and addressed them along the way. It was also great to connect with her as she herself is a mother. Really awesome prenatal massage! Can't wait for my next apt.
by Anonymous on Oct 12
It was not clear how to enter the building. Also, Anna's room (Suite C) was not marked or labeled to indicate such. The massage itself was amazing!
by Chad P. on Oct 07
By far the best massage I've had!
by Anonymous on Oct 07
Anna did a great job! She listened to my concerns and followed through with a very professional & relaxing massage.
by Amanda M. on Oct 06
Anna did an amazing job getting at the tight muscles that others usually just can't seem to help.
by Sabrina T. on Oct 02
Texting is definitely unprofessional _ I could feel you texting when you were doing my back then when you went to do my leg - it continued. You disconnect from customer when you text. I should not have had to ask you to stop. Also asking me what I do for my job in the middle of the session is rude. Your skill is great - fantastic even. I was disappointed that the one area I said was most important - you did last and time was out. I got maybe 3 - 4 minutes on each quad. For a 90 minute appointment - 8 minutes on the most important area I asked for was very disappointing. I also suggest you put your business cards out front in waiting area - there is no name, sign or business cards with your name - I wondered if I was at wrong place.
by James W. on Sep 20
It was sooooo relaxing
by James W. on Sep 20
It was sooooo relaxing
by Judy H. on Sep 15
Anna does excellent work. I feel better already after having the massage.
by Anonymous on Sep 13
This was the best massage I've ever had. Serious deep tissue.
by mark y. on Sep 11
Cold water after the session was nice.
by Anonymous on Sep 10
Anna was highly skilled and professional! Enjoyed the massage.
by Anonymous on Sep 06
Anna was highly skilled and professional! Enjoyed the massage.
by Anonymous on Sep 05
Anna was highly skilled and professional! Enjoyed the massage.
by Anonymous on Aug 30
She was very knowledgeable and professional!
by Anonymous on Aug 27
Excellent massage! Anna found sore spots I did not know I had. Felt great the rest of the day. Looking forward to my next appointment
by Anonymous on Aug 24
This was the first time I met Anna and went to her studio. Anna was very professional as she asked me questions about my health and areas where massage might be most effective. Her environment was pleasant, the ambiance soothing and her skill and method of massage excellent. I would recommend Anna to my friends.
by Anonymous on Aug 19
Anna gave the best deep tissue massage I've ever had. Very experienced and thorough. There will be repeat visits.
by Lauri B. on Aug 08
Anna's massage was wonderful! It was truly a deep tissue-trigger point massage that released all my tight muscles. Can't wait until my next appt.
by Ron E. on Aug 07
Good massage.
by Betsy J. on Aug 07
Best part of my day and week is having a massage with Anna. Professional, and informative, and so relaxing.
by Lisa G. on Aug 07
I really enjoyed my massage. Anna asks what areas you need improvement and if you have any medical concerns. She worked on my tension areas/knots and I felt great hours after.
by Anonymous on Aug 06
She did an awesome job.
by Anonymous on Aug 03
A great intro massage
by Anonymous on Jul 27
Thank you have a unique and effective style. I would be happy to recommend your therapeutic massage services.
by Gao Chee V. on Jul 23
Anna has been my massage therapist for 10 years now. No one else will suffice.
by Anonymous on Jul 22
Anna is extremely professional and skillful. She took her time and provided extra attention to problem areas. I would recommend her. She does very nice work.
by Michael J. on Jul 22
The price was just right for a Groupon. I would never be able to afford the $75 an hour.
by Anonymous on Jul 17
Very well versed in massage techniques. Did a good job of checking in regarding pressure and tension. 60 minutes went by way too quickly, I'm doing a 90 minute session next time!
by Anonymous on Jul 17
by Arthur F. on Jul 16
Anna's strong hands that found and unkinked my various trouble spots.
by Linda T. on Jul 13
Anna's work is amazing!
by Anonymous on Jul 06
Anna really listened to what I wanted from my experience and delivered it in the most professional, skilled manner. I've had massages from many therapists over the years and Anna is by far one of the very best!
by Anonymous on Jul 05
Obviously very talented and attentive; easily the best massage therapist I have been to.
by roz A. on Jun 26
Anna was great! Paid attention to my needs and worked all the areas I needed help with. Recommend her!
by Kate A. on Jun 22
Anna provided a very good pre-natal massage. She made me feel comfortable, and eased my back pain.
by stephani h. on Jun 13
Anna has amazing technique and skill! Her office is close to my house and I look forward to many more massages in the future!
by Anonymous on Jun 05
I get massages regularly and no one I had so far has been so good at what they do! Anna was great, professional and easy to interact with! She knew exactly how to work in the areas of my needs! God bless!
by Amanda K. on Jun 03
Really wonderful!! I would definitely recommend Anna
by Anonymous on May 31
Anna was very receptive to my personal preferences about how much pressure I prefer and checked in again after a few minutes to make sure we were good.
by Anonymous on May 20
Anna does excellent work, especially deep tissue massage. I highly recommend Anna!!!
by Jennifer S. on May 14
Anna's years of experience and expertise as a massage therapist were very evident as she was able to identify specific problem areas and focus my session accordingly. As a long time headache sufferer, I appreciated Anna's ability to address key areas to work toward overall headache management. As an occupational therapist with two advanced degrees, I can vouch for Anna's working knowledge of the human body. Time and money well spent!
by Anonymous on May 04
Anna is the most intuitive therapist I have ever had. She know exactly where to put more or less pressure, and I feel amazing afterward.
by Anonymous on May 03
Anna did an amazing job. I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking for a 10 out of 10.
by Amelia H. on Apr 27
The experience is always tailored to my specific needs
by Sun L. on Apr 16
Good pressure point.
by Anonymous on Apr 01
Great deep tissue massage!
by Diana F. on Mar 31
Anna was very thorough and applied appropriate pressure. I'll be back!
by Julie M. on Mar 28
It was amazing as usual.
by Pat E. on Mar 06
Anna is a marvelous therapist. She has an intuitive way of knowing just what I need and where it hurts. I always leave a session feeling relief and new energy.
by Anonymous on Mar 05
Anna was extremely kind. She has a real passion for making your body feel better. Overall, I would rate her as a B+
by man m. on Feb 23
Very good technique
by Anonymous on Feb 16
The spot was a little tough to find, but once inside, was very nice. Anna did a thorough assessment, and delivered a fantastic massage.
by Anonymous on Feb 14
She was amazing! Very relaxing.. Really worked out the kinks in my neck and back. She has nice strong hands.
by Diane W. on Feb 10
Anna provides a comfortable, relaxing environment and gives an excellent massage. A very positive healing experience.
by Santina J. on Feb 09
Anna took the time to discuss my needs and solely worked on those for my session. I feel AMAZING!
by Anonymous on Feb 02
I have been on the search for a great massage therapist. One who is professional as well as skilled and will go as deep as I prefer. Anna is AMAZING!! Best therapist I have ever had--will never go anywhere else!
by Anonymous on Jan 24
She took time to discuss what I wanted and followed through!
by Anonymous on Jan 23
One of the very best massages I have ever experienced.
by Anonymous on Jan 22
Best massage and stretching by Anna ... no one comes close to her techniques!
by Anonymous on Jan 21
Anna was very professional,and had just the right touch to feel therapeutic. Her additional suggestions to assist in relieving pain were helpful and well thought out.
by Paula P. on Jan 16
My first time here. I'm looking to find someone to use more consistently and Anna is in the running for this spot. She gave a great very complete massage. Anna asked what type of massage I wanted and about problem areas and worked with my needs. The location ok, which is why the ambience rating wasn't higher.
by Anonymous on Jan 13
I haven't been this pain free, or had this much flexibility and mobility in such a long time. I will return for certain.
by Brian N. on Jan 09
Best at working out what ales you.