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As a former flight paramedic and medical specialist in the military, my desire to help people feel better has always been a passion or calling, massage therapy is the road I am on now and loving every moment of this career. I attended Virgina School Of Technology . I specialized in Reflexology, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy as well as several other modalities. I have a passion to help America feel better on their feet.

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TX # mt108077

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GEORGIA HUFF has been massaging for over 15 years, she specializes in reflexology, trigger point, shiatsu, deep tissue and all the modalities listed. Her desire is to ease away the pain or discomfort and increase peace of her clients. She is constantly studying to improve her skill, so that most needed therapy. Also so the most current information is attained to give the best massage possible. She has taught at St. Phillips College, Milan Institute Massage, as well as Alamo Colleges. She teaches the art of massage therapy to students till they get it, and continues to teach today.

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Georgia has worked on clients bent over and unable to stand and they have left standing. Many were dealing with severe pain for years or areas of low range of motion and regained their ability to play with grandchildren, work in the garden and just walk or run without pain. She works with each client because when she is working, they are the only one that matters. Come see her and allow her to help you change your life to a more complete peace. Georgia has been blessed with a special technique designed to release a paralytic stroke victim. She had worked on a particular client that was paralyzed several years. Through reflexology and trigger point therapy to include prayer and supplication, this client has regained total use of her leg, and a 50 to 60 percent improvement in her arm. This is a miracle that she gives all praise to God. But it is her belief that this miracle is not limited to one client. As long as she is able to give and administer healing massage therapy she will continue, thank you for your interest in Happie Feet Massage.

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Anonymous on Nov 24
The therapeutic deep tissue massage is exactly what I was looking for and it’s exactly what I received. Swedish massage lovers should look elsewhere.
by Anonymous on Nov 24
Georgia is with out a doubt an energetic individual. Her extensive knowledge base and experience are immediately notable. She collaborates and works with her clients to identify body tension and then utilizes various therapeutic massage modialites to relieve muscle tightness and tension.
by Katrina on Jun 29
the pain at the time
by Mathis on Jun 21
Georgia makes sure that I am comfortable. If it's hot outside, it's cooling. If it's cold outside it's warming, especially the hot stones.
by Kate on Jun 16
Georgia has been my go-to massage therapist for almost 4 years. She can do a run of the mill relaxation massage, or a truly therapeutic massage. She is the therapist I call when I am having back spasms, tmj issues or just tension buildup in my neck and shoulders. Georgia will carry on a conversation with you or let you sleep, the experience really is about whatever you want or need. She really knows what she is doing.
by Anonymous on Jun 02
The actual massage was great. I had so many knots in my upper back and Georgia was able to work them out.
by Anita on May 02
Georgia is the best massage therapist I have in all my life! She is wonderful!
by Maxine on Feb 25
Georgia has magic in her hands! She finds spots that need attention that I didn't even realize needed it.
by Gary on Apr 16
Georgia was fantastic and she explained what she was doing in simple terms. I found her to be professional. Her location was confusing because I was looking for a sign and passed it up several times.
by Kate on Apr 13
Georgia is amazing. She is the only massage therapist I trust with my back.