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  • Massage, NY #024032


  • Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage: Rochester


Bodywork & Massage

  • Neuromuscular Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Other
  • Mobile Chair Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Medical Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy

Monique Golossi

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” -Henry Ford

     My approach to bodywork and massage is very straightforward. If we constantly use our bodies in repetitive, job specific ways, and we approach our solution to those issues like we have before, then we should expect the same outcome. This is where bodywork and therapeutic massage play an integral role. My goal is to help break this repetitive cycle so that change can be made. 

     Change is achieved by assisting individuals in reaching their goals through the use of various massage modali...

Where I Work

Therapeutic Directions  

1174 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 Map it


Massage, NY # 024032



Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage: Rochester
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Myofascial Release
Continuing education in myofascial and advanced myofascial technique via an online learning portal.
Licensed Massage Therapist
Over five years experience treating numerous muscular/skeletal issues as they relate to the spine.
by Ray D. on Jan 24
Everything was great except no one at front desk. Wasn't sure if any one was there until Monique came out at my apt time
by Katy D. on Jan 22
She is the best there is
by Margaret C. on Jan 10
Monique is both knowledgeable and skilled. She also has a body mind approach which I believe is essential to the business of therapeutic massage.
by Mary Anne P. on Jan 09
Monique was very skilled at assessing the kind of massage treatment my pain needed and she explained everything. I'll definitely be continuing!
by Betty D. on Jan 07
Monique was professional and knew what she was doing. She was easy to talk with.
by Anita K. on Jan 07
Very knowledgeable and spot on with client needs.
by Eileen T. on Dec 31
Monique is very professional and skill in her profession. It very welcoming and relaxing.
by Cynthia N. on Dec 28
I appreciated Monique's sincere attentiveness to my individual needs and her knowledge and skill that really helped!
by Rachel E. on Dec 28
Monique is awesome! She makes you feel welcome and wants to get to know what your needs are for the visit! Definitely worth a visit!
by peggy m. on Dec 20
WOW! I have had good massages before but Mo is really one of the best masseuses I have ever experienced. She was the perfect mix of therapeutic care and a relaxing massage.
by Anonymous on Dec 19
Loved the neck massage.
by Anonymous on Dec 16
Very knowledgable and made me feel comfortable right away.
by Christine M. on Dec 12
I've never felt better than after a visit with Monique!
by Dean K. on Dec 09
Monique is very professional and has a genuine interest in trying to solve your ailments.
by Ray J. on Nov 30
Superior skill knowledge and assessment!
by Elaine P. on Nov 23
You're the best Monique!
by Kim V. on Nov 02
Monique was very personable and easy to talk to!! It felt like I have known her longer than just meeting her at that visit. She has a very creative way of performing several massage techniques. Very thorough and really cares about her clients well-being!!!
by Alicia K. on Oct 23
Monique is a highly skilled professional. I was very impressed with her. I enjoyed a night of pain free sleep after my first session! No headache, neck, shoulder or jaw pain. Amazing!
by Meredith L. on Oct 21
This is the best in Rochester, I'm sure of it. I felt so relaxed leaving; my entire posture changed from all the tension she was able to work out of my back and shoulders. Great experience, will absolutely go again.
by Fred W. on Oct 19
Highly knowledgeable and very professional.
by Nancy B. on Oct 14
Thank you!!!!!!!! I feel soooooo much better!
by Andrea M. on Oct 14
Mo Was Great! Very welcoming and cool ! Made Me Feel Comfortable and was very Into to meeting my needs and want!
by Jason G. on Oct 12
Therepeutic Directions is fantastic! Monique does an exceptional job finding the root of your problem and working with you to get you feeling better. I'd highly recommend her to anyone in need of massage therapy.
by Marifran C. on Oct 12
Nothing! I was very happy.
by Nancy A. W. on Sep 16
Excellent !!!! No pain anywhere ! Slept like a baby that night ! Will recommend to others. I'll try to come back for another.
by Anonymous on Sep 02
Monique listened to what was bother me and adjusted the therapy to work on the issues. I didn't need a whole body massage. I just needed problem areas to be fixed so she concentrated on those areas and worked out the kinks unlike most massage therapists that have one method for everyone and not addressed the issue to the extent needed.
by Helen D. on Aug 31
Monique applied just the right amount of pressure for my massage. And she listened to and addressed my concerns.
by Jill N. on Aug 31
Monique always seems to know exactly where the problem points are and works them out. I recommend her highly.
by Pat M. on Aug 19
Monique is a skilled massage therapist. She listens attentively and works diligently to resolves body issues.
by Anonymous on Aug 06
Monique is extremely talented. I highly recommend her services to anyone! She pays careful attention to the needs of her clients and has a wealth of knowledge about massage and the mechanics of the human body.
by David M. on Aug 03
Very good
by Anonymous on Jul 03
Monique is the 'BEST!'
by Anonymous on Jul 01
Monique is wonderful! She listens to you regarding areas of concern and plans her treatment appropriately. She has helped me tremendously.
by David R. on Jun 22
As a competitive distance runner it is important to build a strong support system in order to minimize the the risk of injury and hasten recovery. Monique Golossi has the right combination of skill and knowledge to excel in this area.