Lyra Parker Bray

  • VA License #: 0019016494
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your body is the healer.

Independent business providing: 

  • Holistic Massage Therapy
  • Fire & ACE Cupping Therapy
  • Intuitive Acupressure for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Reproductive & Digestive Support
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage
  • Full Spectrum Doula Support 
to all bodies in the Richmond community. 
Listening, learning & holding safe space.

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VA # 0019016494


Lotus School of Integrated Professions


REVIEWS for my massage services

by Ashley on Aug 07
I appreciated how Parker was very intuitive about letting me share what I needed and then opening themselves to intuitively listening to my body. The debrief afterward was on point and very informative
by Elissa on Aug 07
So grateful for you & your practice! I left feeling amazing and can’t wait to try out your other services.
by Julia on Jul 17
Very thorough as well as gentle.
by Anonymous on Jul 05
Amazing service. Will definitely return!
by Anonymous on Jun 20
Definitely going back!
by Rachael on Jun 19
Parker is magically attentive and kind and uses her knowledge to empower and heal. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for traditional or arvigo massage.
by Adrian on May 31
Fantastic massage! I feel so much better and have already referred a few friends. I will definitely be returning.
by Katherine on May 17
I’m 35 weeks pregnant and been having horrible upper back pain. This was such a relief and I left feeling super relaxed and pain free. I will definitely see Parker again and can’t wait to use her post baby. :)
by Shawn on Apr 13
Parker listened to my needs and was very knowledgeable of the anatomy she worked. Great spirit. Highly recommend... I will be going back!