Kate Crowther

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"There is no love greater than love with no object. For then you, yourself, have become love itself." ~Rumi

Kate found massage therapy while in college, as a way to relieve stress, and found it so helpful that she wanted to share it with others. So in 1994 she enrolled in Utah College Of Massage Therapy and has been practicing ever since. 

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VA # 0019002661

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by Anonymous on Nov 21
Liked it all. Thank you, Kate!
by Anonymous on Nov 19
Excellent massage.
by Anonymous on Nov 18
See above answer
by Anonymous on Nov 18
Kate was really awesome! She was very kind and attentive and gave me a run down of where I was particularly tight after I finished up. You could tell she was well-studied and very good at her job. I do wish that it were clearer if you were running late, you would not get that time made up in your massage because mine was cut short. Other than that, no complaints!
by Anonymous on Nov 17
Great experience! Kate was very nice and accommodating. I felt so relaxed afterwards. Kate did a wonderful job working out the tension in my upper back and neck.
by Morgan on Oct 31
So kind and explained everything wonderfully!!
by Rachel on Oct 25
Kate was AMAZING and so nice - not to mention the massage was phenomenal. 2 thumbs up.
by Natalia on Oct 21
Kate was very professional and knowledgeable. The massage was both soothing and therapeutic. I can feel my facia layers loosen and I can now fully extend and relax my problem areas. I will be back often!
by Annie on Oct 21
Kate professionalism and skill was beyond excellent. Great experience!
by Jennifer on Oct 20
Love the space! Kate and Sammi are so great!