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Caleb Davis

Medical Massage Therapist

Caleb studied massage therapy at the Savannah School of massage Therapy, graduated in 2011, and now works with Southcoast Health physical therapy department as well as on site or in home visits. Caleb's focus is on medical massage and specializes in the elimination of headaches and migraines. For a more in depth look with tips, educational videos, and articles on massage therapy, visit Caleb's website at:                                            ... more

Where I Work

SouthCoast Health Physical Therapy  

1000 Towne Center Blvd. Ste. 705, Pooler, GA 31322 Map it


Massage, GA # MT007487



Savannah School of Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Physical Therapist tech/aide
Continual hands on experience in a physical therapy clinic with the opportunity to learn and perform cutting edge research in manual and rehabilitative therapies alongside Savannah now's "Best Physical Therapist of 2014," Lisa Bettio.
Teaching aide and clinic manager at SSOMT
Assisted in teaching and directing multiple massage modalities as well as extensive training in human anatomy and kinesiology.
James Waslaski seminar atendee and soon to be teaching assistant
Pursuing to be an understudy of James Waslaski (inducted to the world hall of fame for massage therapy in 2008 for his innovative research and ground breaking manual techniques). Over 40 hours thus far of teaching and training from James Waslaki.
Massage Therapist
Worked in varying degrees of patient care with drug and PTSD rehab for military personnel as well as treatment for general injuries and medical conditions in a hospital for 3 years.
Pursuing in field research and case studies for the alleviation of headaches and migraines. Current hypothesis is that a majority of "headache" and "migraine" pain is directly caused by musculoskeletal spasming and therefor can be successfully treated with proper manual therapy and corrective exercises. Though the pain of headaches and migraines likely comes from postural and structural asymmetry, the onset can arise from any number of internal and external triggers.

15 Minute Massage Therapy Session

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30 Minute Massage Therapy Session

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60 Minute Massage Therapy Session

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90 Minute Massage Therapy Session $90

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On Site or Home Visit

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