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Jan Swiscz

It's never to late to be what you might have been!

Greetings Current and Future Clients:

As a massage therapist it is my goal to establish healthy relationships within our community. One of the many things that sets me apart of other therapists is that I feel it necessary to take time with my clients before and after each session to discuss their needs and how their body feels after the massage, what worked and what did not work for them. In addition I like to explain to my clients how the body works, why th...

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Jan Swiscz/Art of Massage Therapy/  

Art of Massage Therapy/Encompass Health & Wellness, Reedsburg, WI 53959 Map it


Massage, WI # 10823-146
NCBTMB, # 599581-10



TIBIA Massage School
Massage Therapy and Bodywork Program


Notable Experiences

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by Amy M. on Jan 03
Thank you
by Michele A. on Dec 31
Jan's connection and awareness with the person on the table, together, allows her to be guided to the source of the body's pain or weakness. She also allows the time for the body to release and calm itself. She has a beautiful gift. Thank you. Michele
by Anonymous on Dec 31
She always does a great job!
by Cynthia Collan- H. on Dec 31
Love Jan!! She's the BEST!!
by Kathy G. on Dec 28
Awesome experience!!!
by Bonnie J. on Dec 08
very friendly great person!
by Lynn H. on Nov 13
It wasn't long enough!
by Kimberly M. on Nov 13
Love the combination of oils Jan uses. I went to Health Habitat right after my massage to buy another bottle of Peppermint (my normal "go to") and also picked up a bottle of Lemongrass for a super relaxing combo!
by Joe M. on Oct 12
Jan is amazing!
by Kelly K. on Sep 30
Very relaxing. Jan is able to pinpoint my problem areas and works to eliminate them. She is willing to modify the massage to fit to my needs.
by Joyce F. on Sep 28
I have not felt such freedom from discomfort for a very long time (must give Dr Zach a little credit here). My experience was relaxing, comforting, peaceful...over all very satisfying physically & mentally. This day has been far beyond one that I have spent in ages. I might add a calmness is a new word for me. Thank you, Jan. Looking forward to our next appointment.
by Geri M. on Sep 20
I like how comfortable I was during my therapy
by Janice P. on Sep 14
Always have fun with her!
by Anonymous on Aug 04
Jan rocks!
by Lori M. on Jul 16
I always feel like a new woman ..... thank you , Jan .
by Natalie K S. on Jun 29
You are amazing!
by eleanor c. on Jun 28
Loved it... even got motivated to go see my "Drive-by Crack" today to straighten up my hips. (She agreed with you that they were 'off'.)
by Anonymous on Jun 24
Left completely relaxed!
by Jenifer S. on May 27
I slept SO well last night after my massage! Feeling so much better. Thank you!
by Geri J. on May 19
I always feel so good after a massage from Jan.
by Bette H. on May 13
Very relaxing.
by Dakota G. on May 10
She was amazing and helped my foot a lot. She was very understanding and took the time to ask many questions to understand my injury.
by Bonnie D. on May 04
She has really worked hard at perfecting her craft. I was very happy with the professionalism and made me feel very comfortable
by Yvonne B. on May 02
Jan is doing what she was meant to do!
by Anonymous on Apr 07
by Anonymous on Apr 06
Jan has a wonderful presence about her! I completely enjoy my time with her, because of both her enduring personality and advanced massage ability.
by Penny S. on Apr 03
She really tries to get to the root of my health issues.
by Anonymous on Apr 02
I always feel like a new woman when I leave. Feeling healed and at peace. Thank you, Jan, for the work you do.
by Karina C. on Mar 24
Jan has been my healer my friend my mentor for a year now and she not afraid to work on someone who is very well scared on her body she is a kind caring massage therapist in every direction that her path is takeing after i saw her i was given a visitation from my mother that god has aloud me to see my children and my mother ishappy knowing i am getting the right care and compassion that she gives i never used oils until i met her i felt safe i confided in her about my exhusband who forced me and drugged me and that is why i didnot take my medication she is awsome soul and we canot do with out her god see everything thank you for your german smarts and professional spirtiual prince rules all the ways karina clay
by Jaime F. on Mar 16
Jan is very knowledgeable and helpful.
by Allison (Chris) E. on Mar 13
Jan is excellent and we love going to her.
by Kelsey M. on Mar 12
Always an amazing experience. Jan is simply the best!!
by Avery (Paula) B. on Mar 11
Jan was amazing!
by Kay D. on Mar 10
Relaxing, worked on specific areas of concern.
by Tom L. on Mar 09
just a great & caring experience----would love to do it everyday!
by Anonymous on Mar 06
by Linda R. on Mar 01
Great as always!
by Rebecca A. on Feb 18
It was all very good. I liked the use of warm blankets; it helped me to relax. I didn't expect to be so emotional, but having had emotions released before, I was O.K. with it. My hope is to let go of events that I really do not need to hold onto anymore so that I can hopefully have better overall health. Thank you so much and looking forward to another session. :) Becky A.
by Anonymous on Feb 10
Helped my muscle tightness
by Bretta O. on Jan 19
Thanks so much! It was great!
by Briana H. on Jan 17
I liked that you were completely accommodating. I appreciated feeling so important. I definitely would recommend you for raindrop treatment or just for bodywork. You have continued to amaze me :)
by Judith B. on Jan 13
My time with Jan is the most important day of the month!!! I feel soooo bad when I get there and feel sooooooo good when I leave!! Jan is awesome and always knows just what to do to make me feel better! Can't get any better that that........:}
by Joleen C. on Jan 12
I so needed that! Thank you Jan!
by Chris (Jennifer) N. on Dec 25
My new "therapist "
by Anonymous on Nov 26
Jan is awesome!
by Kendra L. on Nov 23
Jan is awesome.
by Cynthia Collan- H. on Nov 23
I love everything about Jan:-)
by Penny F. on Nov 18
The only thing that I dont really like is the sound of the tables from the other rooms.
by Lori C. on Nov 17
No dislikes at all! Jan is professional at all times. She absolutely knows her work and that's why I go back every month for maintenance. I refer her to everyone I know. She has done absolutely amazing things for me!
by Diane M. on Nov 07
Great experience.
by Tammy S. on Nov 06
Love the warm bed and oils. .. And you do a fabulous job.
by Maxine C. on Nov 06
Liked the calm, peaceful way I felt after
by Anonymous on Nov 02
Liked the feeling of complete relaxation. The healing power of touch.
by Larry C. on Oct 30
I liked that Jan worked on my shoulders, back and legs to make them feel better. My shoulder feels better today. I also credit the whole massage to my actually sleeping through the night. I normally wake up at least 2-3 times a night. Slept like a baby!
by Cindy B. on Oct 23
Thank You Jan!
by Kay W. on Sep 30
Thank you Jan!
by Kimberly M. on Sep 27
Jan always finds what needs the most attention and focuses on that. I always leave relaxed and happy. She is awesome!!!
by Anonymous on Sep 22
Works great and still makes us feel comfortable while doing it!
by Judy B. on Sep 13
This was my first session. I felt quite comfortable and relaxed. I also felt that the session was helpful. I plan to schedule again and would recommend Art of Massage Therapy to others.
by Judy W. on Sep 12
I liked the whole experience and felt great when finished. Most of my pain was gone and I not only felt relaxed but also energized. I look forward to the next session.
by Jessica H. on Sep 07
Jan is truly AMAZING! I can always count on Jan to work out the knots, find the sore spots I didn't even know were there and make it all feel better.
by Anonymous on Aug 14
Great work!
by Michele A. on Aug 05
Her intuition and techniques are great.
by Sue G. on Aug 05
Great session, felt I made progress, looking forward to more sessions with Jan! Thanks so much!
by Barb K. on Jul 28
Jan is a wonderful massage therapist. She is very professional, very comfortable to be with and I always leave feeling much better than when I came in.
by Marilyn (owns Deli Bean) K. on Jul 22
So relaxing, just the right amount of pressure. The oils are nice without being a perfume (which I hate). She doesn't talk unless you do so you can really just forget everything except how great a massage you are getting -- just enjoy it totally and feel so good after.
by Amy S. on Jul 03
Awesome like always!
by Sarah H. on Jun 18
Excellent job, felt very relaxed when I left.
by Lori M. on Jun 14
I don't quite understand how this cranio-sacral thing works , but I always feel better after a session ( mentally and physically) . I truly appreciate your talent . Thank you sooo much .
by Bob K. on Jun 11
Shoulder feels great Dull pain all but gone.
by Crystal H. on Jun 01
Jan is phenomenal! The expeirence was very relaxing and calming.
by Anonymous on May 26
Jan asked questions to know the areas of discomfort I had and worked to help relieve those areas and did so successfully.
by Sue W. on May 24
Feel totally relaxed and refreshed.
by Anonymous on May 19
The waiting time from time of scheduling to the appointment time was rather long, but not excessive considering her busy life
by Judy T. on May 15
I liked the fact that Jan listened to me when I explained the reason for my needing a therapeutic massage and that she provided it for me. She was very thorough in releasing the stressed muscles & pinched nerves. She also answered all my questions. She gave me a choice as to whether I wanted to converse during my massage or if I wanted it to be a quiet time. I appreciated this. I will have another massage with her and I highly recommend her.
by Geri J. on Mar 31
No complaints here! Jans magic fingers have done wonders for my back pain. The pain is mostly non-existent 95% of the time.
by Dan H. on Mar 10
This was exactly what I needed. Going back again for sure.
by Anonymous on Mar 06
I liked the use of essential oils, and the background music. Music could have a bit lower volume for me, but love the music. Jan is experienced and comfortable to be with. Overall very enjoyable & therapeutic. Jan focused on my tennis elbow pain. Today is the day after my massage with her, and I hardly have any pain in either arm :-)
by William (Amanda) B. on Feb 27
Very happy with patience showed with my son. He truly enjoyed his experience and wants to come back. Thank you!
by Kay D. on Feb 20
I loved it all. Jan is very caring and really worked my sore spots.
by Anonymous on Feb 20
I need more appointments to really rate her but I felt comfortable with her and she seemed very knowledgeable about what she does.
by Charli Grace (Jodi) W. on Feb 19
And especially your patience and care ! Mwahhhh. She has been sleeping lots the last 2 days. Awesome. I have faith this will help heal Charli. Thank you Jan and Melissa and vice versa ;)
by Allison (Chris) E. on Feb 08
I take my daughter to Jan for an all over massage. My daughter has joint pain and this helps tremendously to loosen her up and make her feel better.
by Karina C. on Jan 12
i love the massage for 30minutes i wish the service was covered under my insurance hopefully that will change int he future thanks
by Anonymous on Jan 10
Jan is very personable and very intune to my body's response to the massage.
by Diane P. on Jan 07
I was extremely happy with the way I was treated, and handled. I'm not a person that likes anyone touching me this way, so of course I was a little nervous. Jan made me feel completely comfortable and secure. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Jan. :)
by Anonymous on Jan 05
Jan u were so in tune to my needs. The mix of massage and cranial was just what I needed. I can't wait for my next session. Thank you
by McCall T. on Jan 02
Wonderful combination of Cranial Sacral and therapeutic massage!
by Kay K. on Jan 01
The massage was great. I would have liked it better if my life wasn't so stressful, it was hard to relax.
by Anonymous on Dec 21
My massage left me relaxed and recharged at the same time. Always just what I need.
by Holly C. on Dec 15
My lower back was extremely awful sore in fact I could not walk that night and had to ice it for 2 days.
by Julie Young N. on Dec 13
Jan is a very gifted healer and caring professional, I always come away noticing positive changes in my body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend her.
by Josh (Terri) G. on Dec 12
Was very good with my son, who was the patient. Listened to him explain his injuries and explained her process of working on him in detail do he knew what she was doing. Very caring and understanding of his pain. Thank you!
by Virgina B. on Dec 05
superb as always!
by Judith B. on Dec 02
I see Jan once a month for my massage therapy and I can't wait for the appointment!! I feel so great when I leave, I feel like a new person. Where ever my muscles hurt, we discuss and she is able to zero in on my pain and make it go away. It is sooo relaxing.. Jan is a really great person and I look forward for my appointment each time because I know she will make me feel sooo much better!!
by Kelsey M. on Dec 01
Jan's skills are simply amazing. I suffer from chronic migraines & Jan has been able to help me, when no none else has. I highly recommend her to everyone I know, & some I don't ;)
by Lisa B. on Nov 28
Much needed
by Lisa B. on Nov 28
So relaxing
by Mike E. on Nov 27
I am very impressed by Jan, and her knowledge and skill at massage. She allowed me to be very relaxed, and for me that is difficult due to my stressful career, and life. I look forward to seeing Jan more!
by Anonymous on Nov 27
The surroundings aren't quite as relaxing as I'd like due to noise from other treatment rooms.
by Laurie P. on Nov 25
Jan always checks in with you to see how you're doing as a whole person. She genuinely wants you to feel relaxed and healthy. I always feel refreshed and inspired after I leave Jan's office. I would recommend anyone to go see her!
by Jennifer D. on Nov 18
I loved it all!! My neck and back feel so much better now. Thank you Jan:)
by Bretta O. on Nov 15
Loved it! Super relaxing-just what I needed!
by Pam C. on Nov 05
I feel great today! Thank you I will be back!
by Anonymous on Nov 02
I've used about 6 massage therapists in my life time of fighting sore muscles and aching bones, and Jan is right at the top of the list for effective and skilled. She is very competent, has a warm and professional demeanor, and views her body work as genuine health care - which it is. I recommend her regularly to others coping with stress and/or physical aches and pains.
by Cynthia Collan- H. on Nov 01
Love you Jan!!!
by Jenifer S. on Oct 30
I absolutely feel pain relief after my visits. All my needs are always met!
by Lori C. on Oct 25
When I wake up the next day with NO pain or stiffness it's amazing! I've already recommended this to 2 other people and it hasn't even been 24 hours! I can't wait until my next appointment!
by Amy S. on Oct 17
Love what Jan does, not sure how to describe Craino Sacral Therapy , all I know is I ALWAYS feel better when she is done!! Thanks Jan!!
by Lynn H. on Oct 14
Love the oils and appreciated the chat and setting an intention. Thank you.
by Anonymous on Oct 09
I have never had a bad experience and she always finds the knots even if I don't know they are there. Never disappointed.
by Denise S. on Oct 08
I like the fact there is always a variety on the message. Not the "set routine" every time. Thanks!!
by Michelle S. on Oct 06
Jan is a great combination of a pleasant personality and demonstrating professionalism. She is warm and friendly as well as skilled and knowledgable.
by Penny F. on Oct 02
Jan always makes sure you know where she is going and makes you feel comfortable. She does an amazing job!
by Christine E on Oct 01
Thank you for doing such a nice job.
by Sarah E. on Oct 01
You worked very hard on my daughter's needs and were very patient. Thank you.
by Anonymous on Sep 27
I need to learn to relax. Jan knows what she is doing....
by Lisa B. on Sep 23
So relaxing and peaceful with the background music and I love the believe oil that Jan recommended. Jan will do what you want to have done and cares in what she does. She's great at what she does.
by Cindy B. on Sep 22
A great relaxing, and body healing expierence.
by Kimberly M. on Sep 16
Loved the peppermint oil...very relaxing. Also enjoyed the mouth work although my jaw is a little sore today. Always leave relaxed and calm. :)