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Pain, discomfort, or tension is the way our bodies speak to us. When we face stress, worry, anxiety and fear and don't address or express them, then our bodies react by tensing. Over time the repeated tensions create discomfort and pain. I believe in using a holistic approach to bodywork - by helping my clients recognize the source of their tension so that the central issue can be addressed. And so that the tension doesn't return. 

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REVIEWS for my Bodywork or Wellness services

by Diana on Apr 12
I already have told friends about my experience, not even 24 hours after my session! I told them that I could have floated home, that my bodywork by Miinkay was so extraordinary! I wish I had had a driver ;) because I just wanted to close my eyes and revel in the bliss that I still felt all the way to bedtime (a few hours later), and I slept so well. I highly recommend Miinkay's amazing work, and for taking very seriously her pre-session words that end with "be open to receiving". Her touch is divine, everyone deserves to have this experience.
by Anonymous on Apr 09
I had the privilege of receiving a session from Miinkay, and I am compelled to share my experience. From the moment I stepped into her serene healing space, I felt enveloped in a cocoon of tranquility. Miinkay’s energy radiates warmth and compassion, instantly putting me at ease. Her sessions are transformative, leaving you with a sense of renewal and alignment.
by Anonymous on Apr 08
Wonderful and intuitive
by Joyce on Feb 08
I always feel totally relaxed after a session with Miinkay. She's an amazing healer and energy worker.
by Anonymous on Dec 29
Outstanding, focused bodywork. My neck,jaw, upper shoulders were very locked up due to stress and Miinkay was able to unlock a lot of it. I will book it for 90 minutes next time!
by Connie on Nov 02
excellent !!! healings to my body very very soothing to the body for healing! ! Looking forward to another massage. Thankfully for her Magikal hands. !
by Amanda on Jun 15
Absolutely love my sessions with Miinkay. Ive been her regular client for years now and she delivers an experience unlike any other body work therapist or even healer that Ive seen before. I trust her entirely with both my body and my energy. Her skill as a massage therapist is unparalleled- she is able to go deep into your muscle and tension while maintaining a smoothness to her movements that is just so comforting and unlike some less trained therapists. Highly recommend!
by Andrea on May 30
Miinkay was highly recommended to me by a friend and after working with her I can see why. She can seamless adapts her approach to you so you get exactly what you need. You wanna chill? She’ll chill. You wanna riff? She’ll riff. You wanna nerd out? She’ll nerd out. You wanna go deep? She’ll go deep. I think this versatility comes from being so skillful and passionate. This is the difference between someone doing a job and someone doing their calling. Also when she does her hands on work you can sense that it is just the tip of the iceberg for her. Behind it lies a rare fountain of knowledge, intuition, and healing power. I’m a competitive athlete that’s worked with world class coaches / practitioners, and I say with full confidence that Miinkay is right up there with them. Thank you for your incredible work Miinkay!!
by Anonymous on Apr 20
Miinkay has a way of beautiful way of communicating with the body. The healing that takes place is very powerful. It is a pleasure to work with her and finding what is the best thing for my body and soul. Miinkay is a truly a gift.
by Adriana on Apr 15
Miinkay was very accommodating and made me feel comfortable. She focused on all the areas on my body that really needed work.

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