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  • Massage, NC #8895


  • The Rolf institute of Structural Integration


Bodywork & Massage

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Jason Sager

Certified Advanced Rolfer

My approach to Rolfing

First and foremost in my mind, Rolfing is a physical therapy. Most often, people are coming to Rolfing for issues with pain and I do my best to strike a balance between temporary relief of pain symptoms and longer-term relief of the issues creating pain. The more layers of dysfunction are peeled back, the more people can become comfortable and strong in their bodies.

In a wider sense, I consider Rolfing to be a guided exploration for the client through his or her own body...


Where I Work

Raleigh Rolfing®  

8404 Six Forks Rd., Raleigh, NC 27615 Map it


Massage, NC # 8895



The Rolf institute of Structural Integration
Rolfing Basic Training


Notable Experiences

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