Kim Johnson

  • SK License #: PTCMAAS #P027MTCM, CMAAC#1558
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A Journey of Awareness

I have been practising Traditional Chinese Medicine now for the last 13 years offering care with acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional counselling and lifestyle recommendations. There are countless ways to treat people but my focus is on truly caring for people. I am looking at ways to increase awareness and find the roots of imbalance in my patients. I am continually inspired  working with people to help them find their own brilliance emotionally, spiritually and physically.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Ac., Herbalist



Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences

Completed 4 yr program in Traditional Chinese Medicine

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Belinda on Nov 09
Dr. Kim is very knowledgable and easy to talk to you. It was a good experience and I would definitely go back for more treatments.
by Nicole on Sep 21
Just being around Kim's uplifting and upbeat energy can make you feel better - add a professional and knowledgeable treatment on top of that and you will want to return over and over.
by Bernie on Aug 15
good discussions always and treatments.
by Tammy on Aug 03
Kim is an amazing healer. She cares deeply about her clients and works with them to find optimal wellness in a holistic way.
by Anonymous on Jul 15
Kim makes a person feel immediately at home. She takes the time to listen and is confident in her own skills. She is full of compassion and life.
by Melanie on Jul 13
Great experience and educational!
by Paula on Jul 13
She was awesome !!!! Floated out of their
by Sharon on Jul 08
Dr Kim She is very good at what she does, she always helps me with my issues
by Anonymous on Jun 15
This was a new and very different experience for me. Accupuncture treatment totally relaxed me. Slept for many hours last night. I still feel so “lightened” and that I could sleep for many more hours—and I don’t ache as much as usual even with the weather change. Looking forward to my next appointment.
by Stacey on May 30
I cannot wait to see the renovations done! I love the way I was treated there! Feeling much better today!