Desire Lang

Reorganizing your disorganized tissue.

I use an array of techniques to take you out of pain and restore your range of motion (ROM). These include massage therapy, Sports massage, Rapid Adhesion Release and Reiki at the moment. I plan to add much more in the future. During each treatment I will use whatever techniques I have to provide the best possible solution for each individual problem. 


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Alberta Institute of Massage

Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy

1000 hour Massage Therapy Certificate - 2007 Sports Massage Level 1 - 2007 1200 hour Massage Therapy Diploma - 2015 Sports Massage Level 2 - 2015 Laser Therapy - 2016 Rapid Adhesion Release Technique (Specialist) - 2016

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Anonymous on Jan 28
Tension, muscle tightness works for young patient in quick and efficient way.
by Anonymous on Jan 24
Treatment was great will try again, Desire targeted specific areas
by Jim on Jan 22
impressive for a first time visit.
by Arnold on Jan 16
just not enough time to hit all the spots, next time.
by Cassie on Jan 15
Very professional
by Trent on Jan 14
I feel great.
by Chad on Jan 09
If anyone is hurting, go see Desire, you will thank her for it!
by Karen on Jan 05
I went in with a massive migraine that was close to hitting my stomach, which is not good. I had been suffering for a couple days already. Desire warned me that I might hate her, but it would feel good after. ABSOLUTELY!! The massage was a little painful as I was very tight. However, the half hour I was there was SO WORTH IT!! I left feeling more like me. The migraine was gone with a slight headache left which was gone by evening without extra medication. Today, Friday, I am feeling more alive and was able to work a full day. Thank you Desire. The pain was worth the relief I have now. I no longer hate you!!! I will call again if another one comes around.
by Brent on Dec 31
A very good therapist!
by Devon on Dec 12
Best message I have ever had. There is no one in this world I will go to besides her