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Paul Caswell

Move Well In A Deeper Sense. . .

Perform, Prevent, & Restore: Here to facilitate change in your body with, Deep Tissue Bodywork | Sports Massage Therapy Decrease in Excess Muscular Tension Increase in Muscular Flexibility and Mobility Reduction of Fatigue, Soreness, and Pain Better Muscular Strength and Endurance Less Pain & More Freedom of Motion. . . Movement Education & Bodywork Therapy: KMI-Structural Integration & Deep Tissue-Sports Massage for postural and movement integration to athletes and the physically active, s... more

Where I Work

Performance Muscular Therapy  

410 The Hill, High St., Portsmouth, NH 03801 Map it


Massage, NH # 495M



Kinesis Myofascial Integration
Muscular Therapy Institute
Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy


Notable Experiences

Private Practice
Paul Caswell, is a Bodywork Practitioner & Owner of Performance Muscular Therapy, since 1991 His Bodywork Therapy & Movement Education is designed for Performance, Preventative, & Restorative Care to Chronic Postural & Movement Conditions. He is a graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute & Kinesis. Board Certified to practice KMI-Structural Integration, He hold a Diploma in Muscular Therapy and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. As the owner of Performance Muscular Therapy of Portsmouth, NH his clientele is the physically active, ?tness, and athlete population. Paul was born in Portsmouth, NH and is a native of Rye, NH is an athlete of more than forty years, with achievements in and motivation for running, cycling, yoga, & mindfulness