Meigra Simon

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  • Massage, OR #13081


  • Monterey Institute of Touch


Bodywork & Massage

  • Wisdom Blend Massage
  • Bowenwork and Ligament Stimulation
  • Bowenwork

Meigra Simon

Untangling knots in your body and mind.

Experience freedom again! I bring over 30 years of body therapy experience to my work. The secret to such longevity is receiving  bodywork and learning new things! To be comfortable in one's own skin is the ultimate in living life well. I help you to be comfortable again. 

Where I Work

Springwater Wellness Center  

6214 SE Milwaukie Ave., Portland, OR 97202 Map it


Massage, OR # 13081



Monterey Institute of Touch
Certified Massage Therapist


Notable Experiences

Taught Prenatal Massage at Monterey Institute of Touch in 1990
Created a Prenatal Massage Clinic that is still happening today, over 26 years later!
Rolf Movement Teacher
Trained at the Rolf Institute in 1980 in the Body Awareness Movement work.
Bowenwork Practitioner
Since 2004, Bowenwork has been a primary focus in my work. Now evolving into "Tensegrity Medicine", incorporating Ligament Stimulation as well.
In Private Practice since 1980
Supporting myself solely with my hands! At this point in my work, my hands are in charge.