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Leah Hansen

Holistic Pelvic Care, Maya Abdominal Therapy, Lymphatic Breast Care, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Cupping, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

A Licensed Massage Therapist, Modern Day Shaman,  and Intuitive Coach and working towards an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy certification. Leah has over 13 years of experience, and a comprehensive scope of practice.  Leah works with both Men and Women, and LOVES all aspects of her practice from Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Cupping for those cyclists and athletes, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy to detoxify and support your body's immune system, Women's Wellness by combining Maya Abdominal Therapy, Lymp...


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Massage, OR # 14083



Colorado School of Healing Arts
700 hour CMT


Notable Experiences

Hawaiian Temple Bodyworks
2004 - School & Teachers - www.sacredlomi.com - This experience took me beyond my edges and allowed me to unfold in a sacred way, to find my true inner therapist. Sacred Lomi Lomi is the foundation I work from, to connect with the deep waters of your being.
Maya Abdominal Therapy - Self Care
2005 - Teachers - Shelley Torgrove and Cindy Aspromonte - I was experiencing issues concerning my reproductive organs and found Maya Abdominal Therapy. This healing modality was profound for me on many levels and wanted to share this with my future clients.
Maya Abdominal Therapy - Professional
2007 - Teacher Dr. Rosita Arvigo I had just moved to Oregon earlier in the year and found out the Dr. Arvigo was coming to Oregon to teach the next level and was excited to learn from her personally. This class was more than I could of imagined and am blessed to share this work with my clients. My own personal self-care routine deepened and found connection with my own body, emotions and cycles.
People living with Cancer
2007 - Oregon School of Massage - I decided to take this class because my mother's kidney cancer came back and wanted a deeper understanding of the potential circumstances she may have to go through.
Maya Spiritual Healing
2008 - Dr. Rosita Arvigo - I felt my inner worlds expanding and was drawn to continue my education with Dr. Rosita Arvigo. This workshop took me to travel to Belize, which was my first ever international experience. This workshop offered me comfort in some of my more mystical experiences with my clients and to deepen my spirituality with the unknown.
Intro to Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
2009 - Oregon School of Massage - My mother passed away and I decided to learn about how our Lymphatic system works. This class was very informative and I decided to further my education to help others and to honor my mother.
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy - Level 1
2009 - Upledger Institute - Deepening my knowledge of the lymphatic system. Learning how to feel if pathways are open or congested, superficial and deeper flow, how to decongest the liver.
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy - Level 2
2009 - Upledger Institute - Deepening the previous level and learned how to work with the breast tissue. I was also the model for the students to learn about working on the breast and this was transformational for me, for I had issues from breast reduction surgery.
Labour Doula
2010 - Birthingway College - Wanted to support my clients giving birth and have attended an handful of births. I only offer this service once in a while to clients that I work with, with special needs.
Sound Healing Training
2011 - Tom Kenyon - A five day immersion of the science and application of using sound and toning to move stagnation from the body for it to heal. This is a very powerful modality and I feel that this medicine is being remembered. Tom said that some of the most powerful sound healers, bark like dogs and cluck like chickens. This was an interesting comment and one that penetrated my being with truth....and gave me confidence in trusting the sound that resonates between my client and I.
Using Essential Oils as Medicine
2012 - Peter Holmes, LAc - This was a 56 hour certification program and we studied specifically on the respiratory system, digestive system and gynecological systems based on 6 conditions. Learning different methods of application, how to custom blend for various ailments. Learning how to sense if an essential oil has been altered and to feel the bio-energetics of an oil for optimal medicinal use.
Holistic Pelvic Care - Practitioner Certification
2012 - Tami Kent, PT - I first met Tami at the Maya Abdominal Therapy professional training and learned that she helps women working internally. This was very curious to me and I asked her to train me....it took her a few years to open this training to LMT's and I was in that first class when she offered this. This has been so enlightening, working with women on such a holistic level, creating sacred space. Since then, I have designed my own treatment session which encompasses my vast knowledge of many modalities and have seen even more miracles happen. Our body is a whole being, not just parts and when I integrate Lymphatic Breast Care, Maya Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care and time....a woman has a sacred space to explore herself and reach more profound transformation.
Internal Pelvic Floor Trigger Point Therapy - Module 1, 2 & 3
2012 - Dr Bryan Baisinger, DC - I have noticed that I needed more tools for working with women in their reproductive and pelvic health issue. I feel fortunate that the state of Oregon allows LMT's to work intervaginally and interrectally with training. This is my first class on this journey of exploring the internal world of reproductive and pelvic health.
Mayan Ventosa & Chinese Cupping
2013 - Almine Barton, LA'c - Wind therory, history and hands on application of fire cupping. I tend to use silicone cups for more practical reasons and find that cupping to be extremely beneficial and great for multi-tasking when you have a lot of issues in your tissues.
Power Animals & Guides
2010 - Shamanic Training with Karyn Armstrong - This weekend workshop deepened my personal practice of seeking wisdom from the unseen realms. I use this in my practice and have been delighted to share wisdom offered by my clients animals and guides.
Drum & Rattle Making
2010 - Shamanic Training with Karyn Armstrong - This weekend training was spent in ceremony, journeying and unfolding with the medicine of making a powerful tool, a drum and rattle. I chose a cedar hoop, horse hide and this journey was extremely powerful for me. This horse took me on a journey of what it feels like to be broken down, fighting against the currents of the unknown. Once I yielded myself, used my breath, sought compassion, and only then, did the horse and I find resonance with one another. This drum is a sacred and powerful tool and is only used when you are ready to dig your hoofs in and power through some intense blockages.
Dancing the Mask
2010 - Shamanic Training with Karyn Armstrong - Connecting with a mask that we show to the world, making a mold, painting this mask, dancing this mask and burning to ash in ceremony over the weekend. I found it curious how powerful this was, and how the body danced itself.
Internal Qigong & Women's Daoist Sexuality
2012 - Master Zhenzan Dao - Deepening my self-care practice to understand the subtle realms of my body. Learning various pressure points internally and how they correspond to various parts of the body. Profoundly sacred gathering of women, all on the same journey of self discovery of one's body as a pathway to the divine.