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  • National Holistic Institute
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Shanta Prescott

Shantastic Massage: Working Together to Make You Feel Better!

Shanta has been practicing massage in Portland for over 10 years. Having been a Nurse’s Aide, a Subrogation Specialist, and a Paralegal for personal injury attorneys, she has spent much of her work life surrounded by and processing other people’s pain. During her first massage class, she realized she had found her life’s work. After 10 years as an LMT, she still feels that way. Shanta is passionate about sharing her work with others.

Her approach is exceptionally intuitive. She specia...


Where I Work

Shantastic Massage  

510 NE Dekum Street, Portland, OR 97211 Map it


Massage, OR # 12363



National Holistic Institute
Massage Therapy and Health Education
Acupressure Institute of America
Acupressure Practitioner


Notable Experiences

Craniosacral Therapy
Currently a student of the Upledger Institute
integrated massage therapy:
by AJ M. on Jan 14
My massage was amazing. Shanta is a true healer, her technic is fantastic, she's very friendly and you will be very relaxed and feel great after a visit. Also the music played is great!
by samantha h. on Jan 11
Shanta took the time to understand my needs and she followed through. I came in with deep pain in my wrist. The work she did on my arms, hands and shoulders relieved the pain considerably. The next day, there's virtually no pain remaining. Shanta has such strong hands and that there anything better than that? The only problem I found with the massage was that it ended. I can't wait to go back. :-)
by Anonymous on Dec 30
Shanta is the best!
by Mayumi N. on Dec 29
Such a relaxing and beautiful spot from the minute you walk through the door to walking into your room. Shanta knew exactly what to do to help me with my sciatica during my third trimester of my pregnancy. So friendly and professional and really knows what she's doing!
by Anonymous on Dec 17
She didn't dilly dally and got straight to business
by Leah M. on Dec 14
Thanks for a lovely hour! Can't wait to come back.
by Corey C. on Dec 12
I always love seeing Shanta. Not only do I enjoy the methods she uses in her massage but also think she is an awesome person in general!
by Oriana C. on Dec 08
Shanta is magic. I have insurance that covers massage and so I have been seeing other practitioners for the past five years.... lord was that a mistake! Seeing Shanta again was like coming back home. She is firm and intuitive, tenacious and nurturing. She makes me feel like a different person.
by jessica s. on Nov 20
Shanta is a fantastic and talented practitioner and healer. Book an appointment with her now, you won't regret it.
by Chris G. on Nov 10
Very relaxing and centering. I also really enjoyed the music! Will definitely be back!
by James P. on Nov 10
Shanta is the best!
by Anonymous on Oct 28
Shanta has been working on my muscles, knots and pains for 6 years or more. She always makes me feel relaxed and helps my body's ache and pains relieve. I love it so much I come at least once a month.
by Jennifer H. on Sep 26
Shanta always listens to whatever is going on in my body and adjusts her techniques and focus accordingly at each massage. I've been seeing Shanta for over 5 years, and have always been a very happy customer!
by Rachel B. on Sep 25
She's very personable yet professional and I felt completely at ease during my appointment. She has strong hands and a very fluid and thorough technique, and the work she did on my back was amazing! I have another appointment in a little over a week :)
by Rebecca D. on Sep 19
Shanta is amazing, every time
by Anonymous on Sep 17
Awesome, extremely relaxing massage.
by Bronson K. on Sep 08
It was all amazing! The music was great and Shanta was even better!
by Aimee A. on Sep 04
so relaxing
by Rebecca N. on Aug 27
Everything from the simple, peaceful atmosphere of the room, the quality of the massage, the reasonable price (buy the 3-pack!) makes this a consistently great experience. I highly recommend Shanta.
by Theresa M. on Aug 15
Shanta's massage was just what I needed for pains in my upper back, shoulders and neck. I told her that my shoulders do not react well to stretching and pulling and she did none of that (unlike other massage therapists who stretched and pulled anyway). I felt great after this massage and already booked my next appointment.
by Callie L. on Aug 02
Shanta is a super fabulous skilled practitioner!
by Jennifer G. on Jul 31
really wonderful experience! thank you so much.
by Becky E. on Jul 31
Shanta is amazing! Health problems that I had in the past are now gone thanks to her hands and understanding. She is also very intuitive and can tell if it is a session you want to be chatty at or silent. I highly recommend Shantastic Massage
by Anonymous on Jul 29
Strong, knowing hands
by Robyn H. on Jul 28
Shanta is amazing. I have been going to her for 10 years and I will never go anywhere else. It is the perfect amount of pressure, so relaxing and helps with sports injuries as they occur! Cannot say enough good things about Shanta and Shantastic Massage.
by Rita W. on Jul 18
Every time I go to Shanta, she is the pinnacle of both relaxation and business. She gets the job done on my muscles and stress where I need it the most, while bringing me to a total place of zen and relaxation I most definitely need after a few months of life! She's the bee's knees!
by Katherina A. on Jul 16
Shanta got in to some places behind my frozen shoulder where no one has dared to tread. And then using her super strong, healing hands, she transformed those muscles surrounding my shoulders from an aching, stuck together mass into ones which glide over each other once again, work together and allow me to enjoy basic human movements again, such as easily raising my arm over my head. I never would have thought I could feel so much better in just one session. I can't wait to go back!
by Ariel K. on Jun 21
Thank you Shanta! That was a great massage! I feel much more freedom of movement in my neck today. Thank you thank you thank you! Ariel
by Amy H. on May 28
As usual, she massaged the aches and pain away and I am set!
by Heather S. on May 08
My favorite part of getting a massage by Shanta is she able to truly give a deep tissue massage.
by Anonymous on Apr 26
Shanta is skilled and professional, and she makes everything so easy to access and pay for, especially the 3-massage discount deal. Thanks Shanta.
by Charles W. on Apr 17
Level of expertise.
by Marni A. on Feb 16
Shanta is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is the best medicine for what ails you! Marni
by Jason B. on Feb 11
Shanta listened when I told her where I needed the most work and she dedicated a great amount of time to the area.I highly recommend Shanta for any therapeutic massage needs you may have. I'll be back!
by Anonymous on Feb 07
Best massage ever!
by Angela A. on Feb 07
Shanta had a great calm, and kind demeanor. I have had shoulder pain for awhile now, and I can tell going to her is really going to help. I have been getting massages elsewhere on a regular basis lately to relieve the pain, but it wasn't helping. She was able to get into several areas in the first visit, and I feel like it has helped already. I am looking forward to feeling better soon. The ambiance isn't the best, as it is not a spa setting, but I did enjoy her playlist. Also I am going for therapy more then a fluffy, relaxing massage. I prefer a good massage over a good setting any day.
by John P. on Feb 06
Excellent attention, superbe "prospecting" in the muscle scape. Finds problems fast and knows what to do. Not just a "massage" real problem solving.
by Phillip S. on Feb 01
Professional and relaxing. Already feel better two days later
by Jennifer A. on Feb 01
Shanta is truly the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to! Head to toe it feels amazing, she can find those troubling spots, the pressure is always perfect, and I come away feeling relaxed, renewed, and happy. I would always recommend Shanta to others!
by Michael H. on Jan 25
Shanta is awesome!
by Anonymous on Jan 22
Shanta was really skilled in listening to my body - she was really attentive and subtle in how she did her work.
by Anna S. on Jan 03
Shanta's work is healing and profoundly relaxing. She makes it easy to put down the burdens of the day and be still. (Plus I always enjoy her play list!)
by Anonymous on Dec 25
Shanta is the best!
by Mike M. on Dec 15
She's the best.
by Molly I. on Nov 23
Shanta is WONDERFUL!! I'm definitely booking another appointment! :)
by Kate S. on Nov 10
Been treated by Shanta for years. She's just the best.
by Jessamyn G. on Nov 03
I have been seeing Shanta for over five years and I really appreciate her range of body work techniques and focus on custom care for my needs. I come away feeling revived each time!
by Joseph D. on Nov 01
Absolutely wonderful, can't wait til my next visit
by Pamela J. on Oct 31
I came thinking I was going to have a full body massage. Your work was very good, quite intense. I would have liked a conversation on what you planned to do. I know I mentioned my neck and shoulders were a problem, but I did not think that was the only area you would be working on. Loved the Cranio-sacral work, Just need a better understanding next time. Pamela
by Lindsay G. on Oct 26
Shanta is incredible. Of the all things I could expound upon, the one thing that truly amazed me is that I walked out of there much less congested then when I went in--even after laying on my face for 45 minutes!
by Anonymous on Oct 23
Great healing work.
by Samanth M. on Oct 20
Great experience!
by Anonymous on Oct 19
Shanta is great. I have seen her for many years and in three locations. I follow her for amazing massages.
by Anonymous on Oct 15
Excellent therapeutic healing massage and a casual professionalism. I had a fantastic experience.
by Anonymous on Oct 14
I'm a returning customer. I sought her out after she left her old place. She is worth the drive and the money.
by Kelly W. on Oct 11
Shanta is incredibly knowledgeable and amazing!
by Cole D. on Sep 21
Easily the best masseuse I've ever had the good fortune to be treated by! Shanta can be very gentle while simultaneously going very deep into the muscle tissue. She also is very attentive to instruction and personalizes every massage I've gotten from her. Like I said, she's the best!
by Anonymous on Sep 15
Shanta is really talented! Enjoyed every minute of the massage and felt relaxed from the beginning. Oftentimes, it is hard to disconnect from your thoughts but this massage got me to relax immediately.
by Rebecca D. on Sep 09
Shanta is amazingly skilled and knows how to get to the root of any problem.
by Rachael A. on Aug 29
Shanta really knows how to zero into the heart of any tight spots and intuitively understands the patterns that such things can create. A wonderfully therapeutic experience. I highly recommend this LMT.
by Anonymous on Aug 27
Overall a session that found and addressed quite a few trouble spots while ending on a relaxing note.
by Anonymous on Aug 24
Shanta is the best. Period.
by lisa l. on Aug 18
Great as usual!
by Beth G. on Aug 16
Shanta has tremendous skills - I always feel 1000% better after my massage from Shanta. Love the music too :)
by Rebecca N. on Aug 15
The massage is thorough and Shanta locates any problem areas and works through them. She is highly skilled and provides the best massage experience of any I have had. I walk out feeling 2 inches taller and 10 years younger.
by Richard D. on Aug 02
I've been receiving massages for several years from Shanta and the experience has always been wonderful and utterly relaxing! Highly recommeded.
by Jennifer X. on Jul 27
One of the best massage therapists out there. Professional and skilled.
by Anonymous on Jul 20
My massage was amazing, and Shanta knew how to handle the details of my insurance plan which was very helpful!