Keisha Harmon

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Massage Therapist

Working along side Dr. Bell @ Martinez Chiropractic. To book an appt call (925)372-0700

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CA # 13723

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Anne on Nov 29
After speaking with Keisha about problem areas in my back and neck, she was able to help loosen and relax those muscles and give me some pain relief. I will definitely be back for more sessions. Thanks Keisha !
by Karen on Nov 29
See comments above.
by Marisa on Jul 13
Very skilled!
by Deborah on Jul 12
by Anonymous on Jul 08
I liked the knowledge and skillfulness of the therapist
by Shari on May 04
pleasant, friendly massage person
by Aaron on Apr 19
Quite skilled at deep tissue massage, and really unlocked a lot of problem areas that would normally have taken more than one visit for me.
by John on Mar 31
Keisha is able to zero in on the areas where I need threatment the most. She is extremely thorough in her approach and seems to know just what to do to relieve the muscial tighness that I experience. I would say that she has an intuitive understanding of the most optimal treatment strategies.
by Carol on Mar 31
Keisha is throughly professional and thorough in her treatment. She seems to have an intuitive understanding of my needs and the best methods for addressing them.
by Emily on Dec 20
Keisha did a wonderful job of listening to my preferences and requests. I’ve had prenatal massages before where they were excessively gentle and I really didn’t get the pressure I requested. Keisha made an effort to make me comfortable in my pregnant state and knew how to safely massage me but wasn’t afraid to use the pressure I requested where appropriate. I would return to Keisha again!