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  • Milan Institute: Bakersfield


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Bonnie Jensen

Feel better in your body


I am here to help you feel BETTER!  I provide Relaxation, Integrative, Deep Tissue, and Foot Reflexology in convenient 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.  I also provide body wraps and scrubs to detoxify, decrease cellulite, and boost muscle recovery. 

Types of problems that I can help: tempo mandibular joint disorder (TMJ), arthritis, tendinitis, alleviate low back pain, improve range of motion, ease medication dependence, relieve migraines, lesson depression & ...

Where I Work

Bonnie's Best Massage  

16236 Pine Valley Lane, Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222 Map it


Massage, CA # 59672



Milan Institute: Bakersfield
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Relay for Life
I was so privileged to give my healing experience to ALL who participated in this great experience! I can't wait to come back next year.
Volunteer-American Youth Soccer Association
I have gladly dedicated my life the last 4 years to the growing youth of our community by coaching the great sport of soccer. If I had more time...I would give even more. This season I will be coaching the all boys U-16 team.
by Kathleen B. on Jan 17
Massage has kept me working and comfortable for 50 years across the country, at spas, through long periods of doctor ordered therapeutic massage, and on cruises. Hands down, Bonnie provides the absolute best deep tissue massage, working out all the hot spots without the day after soreness. Terrific relief from over-doing it, time after time. Thank you Bonnie! Kathleen Bise
by Carolyn G. on Dec 22
I love how Bonnie understands my body from the first time we met. I look forward to many more in 2017!! Thank you.
by Paul K. on Dec 10
Very professional. Best deep tissue massage I ever had
by Anonymous on Oct 03
BUT I really dislike surveys.
by Pat S. on Oct 15
Bonnie is always on time, professional and very good at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone.
by Michel B. on Sep 18
Bonnie has a very thorough touch that continuously finds the source of the problematic discomfort, and eases it away. It is so amazing!
by Marie V. on Sep 16
the best "on the hill"!
by Paul K. on Jul 22
I like the massage every time I go. I've been massaged by Bonnie over 50 times. Great experience
by Anonymous on Jul 15
Absolutely Amazing! Very knowledgeable and professional. Best message I have ever had!!!
by Alex P. on Jul 10
Thanks Bonnie!
by Desiree S. on Jun 25
I loved my whole experience very knowledgeable and professional, couldn't have asked for more.
by Amanda V. on Jun 11
True healer
by Sue A. on Jun 04
Wonderful massage!
by Belinda Y on Apr 03
The only massage therapist I have ever been to that can really get deep into the problem issues. What a god send!
by Kenneth L. on Apr 02
I especially liked her ability to find the spots needing the most attention.
by Lyze (. on Mar 12
Bonnie is fantastic and very thorough. Can't wait to go back!
by Morgan R. on Feb 13
Bonnie is fantastic! The therapeutic massage I'm receiving is making a big difference in keeping my body ready for the physical work I do.
by Anonymous on Jan 16
by Marie V. on Jan 06
She seemed to think of everything to make the experience very comfortable. The first time I go somewhere, sometimes I feel awkward, but not here....very relaxing!
by Anonymous on Jan 02
I appreciate how intuitive Bonnie is. Without my telling, she found all the spots to work on. I felt like a jello afterwards!
by Anonymous on Dec 30
Bonnie is fabulous!!!!!!!
by Anonymous on Dec 29
Bonnie is fabulous!!!!!!!
by Maggie M. on Dec 28
great massage!
by Anonymous on Dec 22
Professional, knowledgeable, informative and a really good therapeutic massage. I'll be back.
by Sarah-Jane O. on Dec 21
Hey Bonnie, Couple of things that you may appreciate to note: The light bulb from lamp is visible when lying on the massage table. Ticking clock and fan of heater coming on and off can be distracting. I have a couple of silent electric oil heaters in my yoga studio - shop on Amazon :)) Bright blessings SJ
by Nana Candy S. on Oct 18
my experience was exceptional as usual!!
by Anna B. on Oct 13
HIGHLY recommend Sage spa. Very relaxing, great atmosphere, and professional. Bonnie is well educated in many types of massages and will work with you and your body. Looking forward to making this a healthy habit. Thank you Bonnie.
by Anna B. on Oct 13
HIGHLY recommend Sage spa. Very relaxing, great atmosphere, and professional. Bonnie is well educated in many types of massages and will work with you and your body. Looking forward to making this a healthy habit. Thank you Bonnie.
by Gina T. on Oct 10
Bonnie was terrific. My neck and shoulders felt wonderful and I slept like a baby last night.
by Tommy O. on Oct 08
Bonnie is an obvious pro she can tell what to do when and how to work with your body. Really with no questions asked during the massage I recommend this to anyone Tommy osuna
by Anonymous on Oct 06
I really liked the foot reflexology. I will definitely get it again.
by Anonymous on Oct 06
I have had very good treatment and love Bonnie.
by pamela p. on Oct 02
everything was great. Bonnie knows her anatomy as well as medical professionals.
by Maxine B. on Sep 29
Bonnie is knowledgeable of my back issues and is interesting in helping me.
by Shannon P. on Sep 24
I have been to a lot of massage therapists and Bonnie is the best. I always leave feeling relaxed, with my aches and pains behind me. The atmosphere in the spa is pleasant and comfortable. Highly recommend!
by Rebecca C. on Sep 01
Bonnie says she is still working on lighting the spa space. I am sure it will be great when it is done.
by Kim S. on Aug 14
I really appreciate that you pulled my neck when I said Ifelt like I needed it pulled. I really appreciate your flexibility and thoughtfulness in understanding that sometimes the massage needs to be tweeted a bit here and there to get me what I need. Thank you, Bonnie.
by Anonymous on Aug 08
Excellent service.
by Anonymous on Aug 04
Terrific technique.