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Tenee Jackson

The foundation of my practice continues to be helping each individual create a regular massage program designed specifically for their needs. I thrive on continuing my education to better serve my clients. I love what I have been gifted with and this will transfer into the committed, professional care that I give.

I am a Very proud mother of three children. Natural healthcare has always been an integral part of our lives. 15 years ago after being diagnosed with whiplash resulting from a rear end car accident, I sought chiropractic and massage therapy to help with the healing process. I felt amazing very shortly after beginning care! I worked as a chiropractic assistant for the next 15 years. Career plateus lead me to pursue the other half of my healing journey, massage therapy. Graduating top of my cla... more

Where I Work

Nirvana Organic Spa  

3255 Church Street, Conway, MI 49770 Map it

Nirvana Organic Spa  

3255 Church Street, Conway, MI 49722 Map it





Waldrip Center for Therapeutic Massage


Notable Experiences

Certified LypoTherapist
Completion of a full 32 hour continuing education course designed for Massage Therapists which is goal oriented detox for the body, where inch loss, cellulite reduction apperance, inproved skin tone, lifting of sagging skin, improvement in fine lines. I utilize Lymph Drainage, Myofascial Release and Deep tissue Massage to achieve these results. This absolutely works and I would not incorporate it into my practice otherwise. It is a safe alternative to Lyposuction. Lypossage can also be used in conjunction w
Sports Rehabilitation Fitness
Completion of an 8 hour continuing education course designed specifically for Massage Therapists aimed at helping the Athletes or weekend warriors transition from a Post injury state to a rehabilitation and strengthening program to stabilize the muscles and joints which, ultimately leads to a faster healing process of the tissues. This allows you to preform at your peak just as quick as possible after injury. Call to see if this is a good fit for your rehabilitation.
Fibromyalgia Specialist
Completion of an 18 hour continuing education course designed specifically for Massage Therapist on the complexity of the syndrome commonly diagnosed by M.D.'s called "Fibromyalgia, or F.M.S." and how to care for individuals who want relief. Men, Women and Children can all be affected. In consultation we will design a program to help you achieve less symptoms associated with F.M.S., and live a more fullfilling life! Call to see if this program is a right fit for your needs.
Certified Personal Trainer
In completion of the I.F.T.A. course hands on and written exam, in conjunction with my knowledge as a massage therapist, I will help you meet your goals of Personal Fitness. With the education of the human body and structure integration, who better to show how your body functions and strengthens at it's peak. Call to see if this is a right fit for your goals.