Seth Roberts

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  • Center for Pain Management


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Seth Roberts

"Free your Mind and the rest will follow." - En Vogue

Humans are energy beings first and foremost. Emotional and Mental trauma are held electromagnetically in our bodies, if we do not deal with them as they arise. When we hold this pain, fear or anger it creates a blockage and a resulting imbalance in our energy fields. This affects our bodies adversely, eventually if not immediately. Our bodies are like a resistor between the Sun and the Earth. It is important that we are grounded and keep our bodies resistance free, or we burn out much earli... more

Where I Work

Healing Arts Orthopedic Massage therapy  

15515 Juanita Woodinville Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011 Map it


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Center for Pain Management
Pain Management and OrthopedicMassage


Notable Experiences

My Experience/Training
I trained in Metaphysical arts for 3 years; Practiced in my own studio(s) in Alaska and Peru, since 1998; worked out of a Chiropractors office (Dr Bob Como) for 3 months; have taken many varied classes (including a 40 hour class w/James Waslaski (Google him)); been on Spiritual Retreats; Worked on Mountain Guides, Trekkers, Cyclists, Runners, Rock/Ice Climbers, Tourists, Drunken injuries, etc... In Peru for 6 years as my primary income; I have worked with and grown Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) in Alaska and guided Vision Quests for two years in Peru working with San Pedro (Mescaline) in the mountains. I also was unlawfully incarcerated in Peru for 39 months and I practiced/worked the whole time as a Healer upon the inmates, gaurds, prison authorities, and police as well as some of the medical staff. (The doctors would call me to do what they could not. Heal their patient) Truthfully, I advanced and practiced more in prison, than anywhere else. I was held in high esteem by all. And they called me doctor out of respect. The fact is most of them had never had a session, so I could do as I pleased as far as experimentation and research - it was an awesome experience and I worked on the concrete on a thin foam mattress most of the time out in the open with much distraction, due to serious overcrowding. I learned to adjust the cervical vertebrae without fear of lawsuit (I was already in prison looking at a 26 year sentence) and I am Very adept at it. I also, began to work with my feet, due to the negative energies, and they marveled that my feet were like hands.