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Kate Moran

There is a Vast Difference in treating symtoms and addressing the cause-Anonymous

There is many multi-faceted demensions to a persons being. One can not TRULY serperate yourself apart from the other; for instance the Mind is connected to the Body, what influences one, will effect the other. The experiences a person lives, the thoughts one thinks, the habits one creates, and repeat, All Choices can and will in essence  be recorded like a personal auto-biography into our being. Every person is unique, and shares similiarties, and differences with others, which sets the very ... more


Massage, TX # MT120910



Sarasota School of Massage Therapy


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I have had clientelle from all age ranges, and many health and cultural backgrounds. I have worked in Spa settings, offered chair massage at Golf Coarses, and at the Sarasota Kennel Club. I worked 4 years in Florida( where people from EVERYWHERE go to Retire) as a Massage Therapist, employed by others, and as self employed. Prior to Moving to Texas, I spent 3 months in China, volunteering at Hidden Treasures, which is an Foster Home Facility for special needs orphans. During my stay, It was my privelage to incorporate my massage skills, into the daily routine of caring for children, and my fellow workers. Some of the children that I was released to work on had cerebral palsy, down syndrome, Autism, Muscular Distrophy, and some children were blind. It was such an Honor to be apart of those children's life, and see how they responded to Massage, as well as building relationship upon being a primarary care taker for 3 months. Once back in the States, I moved to Texas, where I sought to get my state License for Massage. Due to some unforseen challenges, it took me longer than I anticipated in aquiring my license- but alas I am back in Business :) I maintained my skills during the lapse, filling in with Continuing education, and my family was glad to offer themselves up, to keeping my hands strong. I am eager to do the work I love, and help people experience a better quality of life by relieving Stress, Tension, and Pain. I have experience with many forms of Modalites to which my education has taught me to incorporate a great variety of Techniques, including but not Limited to the Following: Swedish, Acupressure, Neuromuscular, Cranial-Sacral, Hydro-therapy(heat, cold, and stone Massage) Myofacial and Structural Integration, Trigger Point Therapy, Passive and Active Movement, and Thai Massage.