C Corr-Holmes

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"Speak Truth to Power"; "What you do for others, you do for yourself. ~Pema C."

Compassionate consultant and nurse advocate thinking outside the mainstream box:  Ancient traditions-based healing works; therapeutic massage, nutrition, many other modalities and methods; sustainable living; assisting people to learn/find new ways to optimize their lives and get their needs met.

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CA # 404xxx


Acupressure Institute of America

Full Certificate Course


Los Medanos College




Zero Balancing + CranioSacral; Acupressure; Deep tissue; Various other.



The Registered Nurse umbrella is broad. Those who find it tough to get their needs met, are falling through cracks between support systems, can't find what they need to help themselves improve their lives and health---maybe I can help. What I do includes Nurse Advocate, Nutrition, Alternative health information, therapeutic massage, Sustainable/non-toxic living, etc.

Alternative/Sustainable Health/Living Options

RN @ Betty Stratford, MD, San Ramon, CA until office closed. Now mostly retired, and volunteering. The broad spectrum of alternative/complimentary modalities practiced at Dr B's office provided unique learning and healing ops for both clients and staff. I can do many things to help clients help themselves find or learn new ways to solve issues related to health, wellness, and living.

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Volunteers @ many places

POB 581

O, WA 98568