CJ MCCloud

"Ambition beyond existence is the essential purpose of our being." Khalil Gibran

My interest, to be in it for the good of it.

My goal, to help ease or relieve stress off of the body and mind.
It's always been simple for me, to just help others. Every day is a day to learn what to do to better myself as well as another. 

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REVIEWS for my massage services

by Anonymous on Oct 23
No complaints!
by Holly on Oct 22
CJ was an amazing therapist.
by Carol on Oct 13
It was so relaxing. I left feeling like anew person.
by Conrad on Oct 10
She listened and followed thru just like the professional she is.
by Brenda on Oct 06
I Love the intense pressure, CJ has Strong hands! She works all the Stress, Tension and Kinks from your body...Thank You CJ!
by Anonymous on Oct 05
The best massage I've received in a long time.
by Wendi on Sep 29
CJ listened to my areas of pain and treated them accordingly. She did great and I felt so much better the next day. Perfect pressure and great communication. Thank you CJ!
by Whitney on Sep 21
CJ was lovely to work with! Very professional. I enjoyed my massage immensely. Thank you!
by Ellie on Sep 17
I liked the entire experience. I highly recommend it for a relaxing experience. Job well done and I was 100% satisfied. Recommend school for for anyone seeking a message that is not only affordable but relaxing as well.
by Barbara on Sep 16
All was amazing!!!