Austin Schlueter

  • NE License #: 2847

"Meaning of life is to be happy and were only truly happy when we provide value to others"

I got into massage to help fix mechanical pain in myself. I'm a passionate fitness advocate that enjoys seeing my clients, friends and family move easier in there daily life's. For me the massage field is truly a exciting career field with new techniques and better ways to do things popping up all the time in this very old practice. We are on the forefront of fixing and addressing many of people's mechanical pain and in my practice that is my focus.

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NE # 2847


Omaha School of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


Chair Massage

Chair massage is a useful marketing tool and away to give a demo of your skill set.

Deep Tissue

I find I tend to use less of this technique outside of relaxing massages. It is a great technique for beginners. However in advanced methods it fails to compare at the effectiveness of others.


Neuromuscular is a accurate way of correcting mechanical pain and to this date the most effective technique I know.

Hot Stone Massage

In my opinion next to reiki this is the most relaxing massage you can get. Nothing better than to drift away to hot rocks rubbed across your body soothing your tight muscles.

Sports Massage

As athlete myself I know how important it is to have your muscle working properly. Nothing worse than a tight muscle becoming a torn tendon.


A basic staple of massage technique good for resetting your nervness system and providing a hour of nap time.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point work has been the most effective technique learned to this date when coupled with neuromuscular knowledge.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a gentle way of removing tissue adhesions and targeting specific build up problems.

Cupping Methods

Cupping has been growing in popularity since the Olympic's and the world viewing for the first time this ancient technique. In my practice cupping allows me to fix cellulite a issue caused by fasica, detox the body and pinpoint lift muscular problems with ease.


Reiki is a ancient technique in the massage field that is growing in popularity. It helps make the practitioner more intuitive and learn to feel for things. In its basic form it is a incredible skill that allows you to balance the energy body, remove unwanted blockages, and even decrease your stress in a instant.

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