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  • Massage, OK #OCC-24625
  • Massage, CO #MT.0010689


  • The Denver School of Massage Therapy


Bodywork & Massage

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Monica Proctor

Never miss an opportunity to positively enhance someone's life. You never know, they may desperately need what you have to offer!

Helping to Heal Mankind, One at a Time

Hi there, I'm Monica! I've been giving massage to friends and family since the age of 4.  Blessed with a very healing touch, I have mastered the art of facilitating healing.  I think that if I can help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, you'll be happier.  You'll take that happiness, share it with someone in your life.  They'll share it with someone in their lives, and so on. ...

Where I Work

Body Whisper Massage  

728 NW 115th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73114 Map it


Massage, OK # OCC-24625
Massage, CO # MT.0010689



The Denver School of Massage Therapy
Professional Massage Therapy Program


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