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Student Seven is currently enrolled in the massage program at the Mind Body Institute.

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by Anonymous on Apr 01
He was very professional and knowledgeable.
by Anonymous on Mar 29
The room was a bit chilly. See above comments.
by Anonymous on Mar 05
it was actually kind of painful - probably the most pressure I've ever had applied in all the massages I've had through the years. It felt good to my back and neck but not my arms and legs.
by Anonymous on Feb 15
Did not ask for feedback on pressure.
by Anonymous on Jan 09
I have been going to Mind Body Institute for almost 2 years and I often have a wonderful experience - the students are well trained, professional, and attentive to detail so it hurts my heart to leave an unpleasant (and uncomfortable) review. My most recent experience fell short of my typical encounter. The student took the time to get to know me, asking about what brought me in and if there were any areas that needed extra attention and/or areas that I wanted the student to avoid. In addition, I was greeted with great professionalism in the lobby. Unfortunately, the massage was not relaxing because the student was sweating and drops of sweat hit my neck and even once hit my arm. I know the student put on a headband before beginning, but I was not prepared for the student's sweat to hit my body. Talk about unpleasant...and not at all relaxing! Although this occurred it will NOT prevent me from continuing my monthly visits as overall I usually receive top of the line services from the students and LMTs. I'll just think twice about booking with this particular student.
by Kathleen on Dec 31
Good pressure. Managed time well. Good work on my problem areas. I felt great afterwards.