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Student 3 is currently enrolled at the Mind Body Institute for massage therapy, and is working towards completing 100 hours in the intern clinic.

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by Anonymous on Apr 01
Sometimes I could feel her not trusting herself. I picked up on it with her body and approach to a move. Trust yourself! You are amazing! You is going to be a fabulous lmt once you are allowed and allow yourself to intuit your clients!! Very lovely.
by Renee on Mar 24
She was outstanding!!
by Julia on Mar 17
Student 3 is amazing! Perfect pressure, made me fall asleep. I felt great for the rest of the day! Thank you!
by Anonymous on Feb 01
I liked that student 3 was very sensitive and aware of the body.
by Jack on Dec 30
Keep up the good work. Maybe need a little smoother transition from getting lotion to the massage. There were times when there was a slight delay from lotion to massage.
by Jennifer on Dec 29
Very nice and great pressure.