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Kelly Finlay

Healing with Passion and Purpose

I feel being a massage therapist is my calling not just a job.  I love seeing the smiles of relief and relaxation from my clients after their session.  My goal is always to help my clients feel better, physically, as well as mentally and emotionally if that is what is needed.  I specialize in treating chronic pain and muscle tension as well as range of motion issues due to injury or surgery.  I am passionate about my work and dedicated to helping my clients achieve a better quality of life th... more

Where I Work

Nashville Healing Arts Studio  

4525 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205 Map it


Massage, TN # 8919



Natural Health Institute: Nashville
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

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by Anonymous on May 10
kind & compassionate
by Anonymous on Apr 17
Perhaps one of the best massages I've gotten in Nashville! Kelly was knowlegable, and great with deep-tissue work and working on fixing my poor posture. I look forward to going back to see her again! My only regret is that I just wish I didn't have to book my appointments a month in advance.
by Shari K. on Apr 08
Kelly listens to your concerns and addresses them with care. She is a very good massage therapist and reiki master. Her readings afterwards were spot on..and she had to wake me afterwards ! I was so relaxed, I went to a peaceful restful place..just for a few minutes!
by Kala W. on Mar 19
Kelly is an extraordinary therapist!
by Amy S. on Mar 13
One of the best massages I have ever gotten!
by Paula R. on Feb 28
Kelly is an experienced massage therapist. I have been to many and this was truly a therapeutic massage.I have many structural issues and she was able to address almost all of them even though we had only an hour. Very quiet and respectful and she asked if the pressure was right for me, it was, Deep enough to work sore muscles but not too deep to hurt me later. She helped relieve lower back pain and neck soreness as well as other areas. She gave me a full hour of massage and was very prompt to greet me when I arrived. Thank you Kelly for a great experience.
by Anonymous on Feb 06
While Kelly is a fine masseuse, I couldn't get past the smell of her cigarette breath through my whole massage. She must have smoked one right before I got there because it was STRONG. The room had a bit of a cigarette odor to it as well. I HATE the smell of cigarettes and certainly didn't find it relaxing to smell them through my whole massage.
by Amanda P. on Jan 20
Hands down, the best in the business!
by Robin S. on Jan 16
Kelly is very good at what she does. She took the time to really figure out what I needed, and worked at fixing the root causes of my pain.
by Jake S. on Jan 15
Great technique, friendly and professional.
by Natalie G. on Jan 12
I went in with a number of problem areas, which had been noted on my client intake form. Kelly had obviously reviewed the form prior to my session and discussed with me what she would focus on to help me most with those issues. I have struggled with my back for several years and with her knowledge and expertise, I haven't felt better in years. During the massage, I would ask about what she was doing. She would explain the muscles and where they connected and after the session she showed me several stretches to help relieve the pain that I have been in. I had NO pain later that day and was amazed at her skill. I will continue to schedule sessions with her.
by Erika F. on Jan 09
I will be back!
by Philip F. on Jan 08
Kelly was able to pinpoint the areas that needed attention and worked diligently to relieve my pain. Immediate results. I've already made my next appointment.
by Anonymous on Jan 06
So glad I made the decision to get Reiki. Kelly gave me some deep insight and was so professional about it.
by PJ O. on Dec 27
Kelly was extremely warm and professional. She listened intently as I explained the issues I was hoping to deal with during the Reiki session. She then explained very thoroughly how the hour long session would go. I felt amazing after the session was over! I will definitely return for another visit!
by Kellee M. on Dec 17
Kelly is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
by Kacey J. on Dec 01
Thank you, Kelly Finlay, it was very helpful!
by melissa s. on Nov 28
Kelly has an amazing skill and found all my sore spots and worked them out. Walked away feeling great. Plan to return more often. People would be crazy not to go here
by Kimberly M. on Nov 18
Kelly is wonderful. She made me feel completely at ease being there and I loved how she talked through what she saw and experienced at the end.
by Anonymous on Nov 16
She is great!
by Freddy R. on Nov 09
I like that she has so much knowledge in this field.
by Judie C. on Nov 06
Kelly presents such a peaceful, calm environment. Combine that with her knowledge and abilities and every second is beautiful. Thank you Kelly.
by Michael B. on Oct 26
Kelly is the consummate professional. She is the first therapist to relieve the lower burn I've had in my back for a number of years now. I can now sit comfortably for extended periods of time without lower back support. Her new office is beautiful and the atmosphere very relaxed. I always look forward to the bodywork, the ambience and Kelly's wonderful people skills!
by Courtney S. on Oct 23
So worth it!
by Anonymous on Oct 15
Due to my work, my neck had a restricted range of motion. Thanks to Kelly, my neck fells normal again. I credit Kelly's expert techniques to restoring my range of motion, to which I am grateful.
by Pippin C. on Oct 15
Kelly has a great touch and also really great energy. She is very intuitive, and also very much listens to my input as a client regarding my experience on the table. I've been looking for a therapist who balances calming and deeper techniques, and for me, Kelly was perfect in this respect!
by Kirby T. on Oct 15
Kelly was wonderful, professional, and incredibly attentive to my personal goals for the session. She did a great job targeting the exact problem areas we had discussed before starting my massage. Will definitely be back!
by Kenny M. on Oct 10
by Frank C. on Oct 01
I always feel relaxed and better after a session with Kelly; she is very talented. I highly recommend booking a session with her!
by Holly B. on Sep 17
Sometimes, you ask a LMT to focus on a certain trouble area, and they might focus a few more minutes of attention on the spot, but not as much as you wanted. Not here! Kelly focused all her attention on the area, and approached it from all sides and angles - as opposed to the traditional, straight-on method used by so many others. She clearly has an expert understanding of how the body works, and even showed me stretches to work on at home to help me improve. I am typically motivated by inexpensive deals and bargins on massages, but Kelly has just become the exception to my rule. Perhaps now, I won't need so many inexpensive and ineffective ones since hers will actually make a difference in my upper back!
by Carolina P. on Sep 11
I will definitely be going back!
by Dana g. on Sep 07
Studio is beautiful. Kelly made sure that my needs were met and showed how knowledgeable she is at healing.
by Valerie B. on Sep 03
Good deep massage
by John C. on Aug 29
Been going to Kelly for quite a while now because she is simply the best.
by Anonymous on Aug 29
Kelly took the time to understand my needs and obviously met them with ease.
by Lisa H. on Aug 28
What did you like or dislike?
by Michelle G. on Aug 19
Best deep tissue massage I have ever had....
by Anonymous on Aug 19
Very professional and effective massage. Will recommend to everyone I know. Studio is great.
by Anonymous on Aug 17
Best massage I have ever received. Was able to apply the perfect amount of deep pressure.
by Linda M. on Jul 26
Her concern for working on specific problem areas you might have. I felt wonderful when I left
by Mary B. on Jul 23
I have NEVER done a return Groupon as that was my first experience with Kelly . I have gone to her as much as I possibly can since then . She has gifted healing hands . No one in the world ( and I've had massages all over including Asian countries ) was born to be doing healing massage more than her. Don't even hesitate to make her your regular therapist . I'm on the healing road and I'd love to see you join me :)
by Maria F. on Jun 26
Kelly listens to your needs and helps you feel better. I have been to several massage therapists, and she is one of the best.
by Mark R. on Jun 23
Nashville Healing Arts Studio and Kelly are absolutely fantastic and highly recommended - skillful, friendly, and professional, all in a very comfortable and welcoming setting.
by Mary Alice B. on Jun 05
Kelly is the best masseuse I've ever been to - and I've been to so many thru the years. She helped me with 2 shoulder issues and now a unique leg issue - I'm so happy with my progress!
by Anonymous on Jun 04
Kelly is an outstanding masseuse, a lovely person, easy to communicate with, always attentive and very professional!
by Anonymous on Jun 03
excellent work
by Kelli C. on May 15
Kelly takes the time to really listen to your needs and then appropriately addresses them. I like her because she really gets in there and wants to find a solution to whatever problem you're dealing with. Kelly's also a genuinely caring person with whom I immediately felt comfortable. I don't plan to ever visit anywhere else for massage therapy.
by Anonymous on Apr 19
Kelly was wonderful! She goes in deep to release muscles that need it, and is incredibly responsive to feedback when you're looking for lighter work. I strongly recommend her and hope to get back soon!
by Anonymous on Apr 03
Kelly is an amazing therapist and is very good at deep tissue work. She's been very helpful for keeping my sports injuries at bay, and reducing the amount of knots and tension that I carry all over. I have nothing but praises for her and her work!
by Martha Ann P. on Mar 28
Kelly is absolutely wonderful!
by Tim R. on Mar 23
Kelly is a consummate professional and highly skilled LMT that offers fantastic services for a VERY reasonable price. She is friendly, courteous, and a very genuine person that takes interest in you and how she can help.
by Anonymous on Mar 22
Kelly is an amazing therapist with affordable package rates. I'm so glad I found her.
by Kathy K. on Mar 21
I have been very cold on several occasions & though heating pads may not be "healthy" I'm not lying on it long enough to do any harm & I would just like to have that option. They have on/off switches & they'll not heat the entire room.
by Adam K. on Mar 20
Kelli is amazing! She pays close attention to your specific needs and is skilled at utilizing various techniques to achieve results. You will receive an "exceptional" massage - nothing average about it! Outstanding!
by Lisa H. on Mar 13
Kelly is amazing - the best massage therapist.