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As a recent graduate of CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic, it has become my drive and passion to help people heal body, mind and soul. By combining healing energy and massage therapy, I hope to bring not only joy and healing to all of my clients, but also peace and tranquility.

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REVIEWS for my massage services

by Anonymous on Oct 04
Too many stairs in building -- I have problems with stairs. Room we were working in needs a few more amenities -- Lyssa is working on it. Very professional, very good, somewhat fun. I'll be able to tell over the next few days whether it was effective in getting stuck energy moving and improving my overall condition. I'll definitely book with Lyssa again.
by Samson on Sep 25
Lyssa was kind and attentive
by Brandon on Sep 22
Lyssa did a wonderful job with finding my problems and checking in with pressure. Super friendly therapist!!!!
by Cailie on Sep 13
I would highly recommend Lyssa to absolutely anyone! She was great!! Going back asap!
by Anonymous on Aug 01
I really enjoyed the space the massage was in it was very comfortable and relaxing.
by Stacey-Jo on Jul 27
Lyssa is very attentive to my needs!
by Anonymous on Jul 23
Very knowledgeable and very attentive.
by Anonymous on Jul 16
An excellent massage in every way. All the sore spots were addressed---a day later, I feel great!
by Anonymous on Jul 10
Lyssa zeroed in on problem areas. This was one of the most theraputic massages I have had. In addition she worked on releasing scar tissue whch was noticably more supple the following day. I'm committed to returning. Marcia
by Julie on Jul 10
The deep tissue was great and she really worked my muscles that were very tight. She's very knowledge about muscle & nerve anatomy and gave me some good information. I will go back again.