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OR # 12810


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REVIEWS for my massage services

by John on Nov 30
It really did help. Thanks a lot Zorina really appreciate you get me in. Thank you.
by Anonymous on Sep 22
Both my boyfriend and I think Zorina is so respectful and kind. She has been helping me recover from 2 different MVAs, where my car was totaled at the hands of another. Zorina is strong yet gentle; has a high degree of professionalism; and truly is a compassionate person. I'd have no problem recommending her to anyone.
by Claire on Sep 16
Zorina was awesome! One of the best massages I've ever had.
by Anonymous on Sep 07
Of course
by Anonymous on Aug 28
We were Rear ended in a motor vehicle accident and Zorina gave us caring,professional and attentive help in our massage experience to help us overcome our injuries
by Anonymous on Aug 08
Great massage, never felt better
by Michael on Jul 26
Professional, relaxating, and excellent treatments. Her work ensured I stayed injury free during my weight loss journey.
by Anonymous on Jul 16
by Mary Lou on May 29
Great experience! I LOVED the massage! What a gift to myself.
by Anonymous on Mar 16
I caught myself snoring at least 3 times! Zorina’s got the magic touch, she even did energy work on my elbow with tendinitis. The pain that I have been experiencing for the past 3+ years is barely noticed.