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  • The Institute of Beauty & Wellness
  • The Institute of Beauty & Wellness


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Cathy Stadler

You're never too busy to receive a massage. Take the time to take care of yourself.

My mission is to spread the knowledge of wellness, healthy ways to live and the benefits of a regular massage therapy session and yoga practices. Did you know that massage therapy can be a qualified medical expense?  You can use your Flex Spending Account on Massage.  First step - Ask your doctor for a written prescription, for the same reason why you would get a massage in the first place.  Examples of illnesses that qu...

Where I Work

Cathy Stadler Massage and Yoga  

411 E. Wisconsin Ave , Milwaukee , WI 53202 Map it


Massage, WI # 11134-146



The Institute of Beauty & Wellness
Massage Therapy
The Institute of Beauty & Wellness
200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor


Notable Experiences

Sports Massage
Massage Therapist at the Wisconsin Athletic Club downtown Milwaukee. $65 60min for Members and $75 60 min for non-members. (Non-Members have the benefit to use the Fitness Club the day of their massage).
Yoga Fitness Instuctor
Yoga teacher in a group fitness setting at the Wisconsin Athletic Club downtown Milwaukee.
Anew Skin and Wellness - Massage Therapist
Steam Treatments with Massage: 90min $130-$150 The wrap-less steam canopy treatment gives the maximum benefits of hydrotherapy, while providing a warm relaxing treatment giving you relief from joint pain, inflammation, allergies, asthma and muscle soreness. It helps to improve circulation, digestive issues, immune problems, and skin problems. In addition to the health benefits, The Steamy Wonder Spa also serves as a beauty aid, and promotes weight loss through detoxification, beautiful skin, and cellulite reduction. It utilizes an ancient healing technique which uses organic massage oils, mud, herbs, aromatherapy, and body lotion. A series of 3 treatments is recommended for maximum long lasting benefits. Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction $150 Series of (2) $275 Series of (3) $420 Sore Joint and Muscle Relief $150 Series of (2) $275 Series of (3) $420 Ayurvedic Garshana for Detoxification $130 Series of (2) $235 Series of (3) $360 Soothing Lavender for Stress $130 Series of (2) $235 Series of (3) $360
Anew Skin and Wellness - Massage Therapist
ADD ON MASSAGE SPA TREATMENTS Hot or Cold Stone Facial Massage: 15min $20 Request to add during any 60 or 90 min Massage Service and prepare yourself to indulge in this luxurious deep relaxing special treatment. Facial stone massages are helpful with headaches, sinuses and TMJ problems as well. Scalp Massage: 15min $20 This technique consists of an extremely relaxing blend of ancient Indian head and scalp massages. It helps with re-balancing your body's energies, and releasing tension and stress in the forehead and scalp areas, as well as stimulating mental function and clarity and promoting hair growth.
Anew Skin and Wellness - Massage Therapist
ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE: 60MIN $100 A vigorous deep tissue massage technique and anti-cellulite cream is used to break up cellulite deposits and help the skin disperse fat cells beneath the surface of the skin, resulting in the appearance of more even skin instead of the accumulation of cells in one place that bulge out through the skin. By combining with proper diet and exercise, and at home application of lotions, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite with renewed toned taught skin. (suggested regular massage maintenance)
Anew Skin and Wellness - Massage Therapist
PRENATAL MASSAGE: 60MIN $80 This is a gentle pregnancy massage, performed while lying sideline in a semi-reclining position using multiple pillows, which helps reduce stress and inflammation throughout the body with comfort. Light to medium pressure and long gliding techniques are used to help with the changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy. Massage can help relieve any water retention, sciatica, soreness on weight-bearing joints, stretch marks, sleep, and anxiety and reduces pain and labor time recovery. It’s time well spent as a prenatal or postnatal massage. (Please include what trimester you are going to be in the day of your service upon scheduling. Approval from your physician is suggested).
Anew Skin and Wellness - Massage Therapist
WARM BAMBOO MASSAGE: 60/90MIN $80/$110 This luxurious spa massage provides Swedish or deep tissue massage using heated bamboo to roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. The technique improves your skin tone and texture, keeping your skin healthy, and assists in alleviating eczema and psoriasis. The bamboo extract contains antioxidants that can help minimize wrinkles. It helps relieves neck, shoulder and upper back pain and stiffness, and it can help improve the quality of sleep, insomnia, mental clarity, depression. It also aids in increasing lymphatic drainage which helps remove toxins from the body.
Anew Skin and Wellness - Massage Therapist
HOT STONE MASSAGE: 60/90MIN $90/$120 Amazing blend of traditional massage techniques, enhanced with heated basalt stones to reduce tension and stiff muscles by improving circulation. Warmth and comfort eases your stressed muscles with luxury and deep relaxation. Warm stones are gently placed on and under your body. As you are massaged with the stones, you feel the stress melt away, relaxing the body on a deeper level. Stone massage has a profound effect on the mind and body, and is an excellent treatment for deep muscle strains and tight muscle knots associated with stress or injury. A hot stone massage is especially beneficial for arthritic conditions or stiff muscles and joints.
Anew Skin and Wellness - Massage Therapist
SWEDISH MASSAGE: 30/60/90MIN $50/$75/$100 Generally light to medium pressure with long, gentle, soothing strokes relieves tension and stress while increasing circulation. This technique generally breaks up muscle "knots" or adhered tissues, called adhesions, and are great for overall skin and muscle tone. If you have not had a massage before, this is a perfect way to start. If you want deeper work on specific muscle pain, and can tolerate more pressure, it's better to book a deep tissue massage. Tips on a Swedish Massage A 30 min Swedish massage is perfect for clients new to massage who want to focus on a specific area. A 60 minute Swedish massage is perfect for the client looking for complete full body relaxation from head to toe, without any specific problem areas. A 90 minute Swedish massage is the ultimate treatment for improving overall circulation and relaxation. DEEP TISSUE/SPORTS: 30/60/90MIN $55/$90/$120 Intended to treat chronic pain, muscle tension or injuries using medium to firm pressure that work to loosen the body’s connective tissues and/or specific muscles to encourage them to function properly again. The treatment begins with warming up the muscles first before working on any deeper structures of the body. A variety of massage techniques may be used along with assisted stretches. This is a great option for pre or post sporting events, increasing flexibility, strength and enhancing range of motion.
by Anonymous on Apr 26
I was very pleased with my experience.
by Anonymous on Apr 16
Wonderful experience! The massage was very relaxing, and the staff were all very friendly. I'll definitely visit Cathy again.
by Jacque W. on Feb 05
Cathy worked my problem right out! She's awesome!
by Lindy P. on Jan 05
I had an amazing time. I feel great today and very energized. Just what I needed for the New Year.
by Lisa F. on Nov 18
One of the best ! for knots in shoulder, neck and back tremendous skill. Love the little touches. candles, the music the feet thing!!! Try her expertise you will not regret it. It's worth it your worth it!!!
by Anonymous on Oct 24
Cathy was wonderful! She worked out my difficult knots with skill and made the whole experience relaxing.