Robin Berry

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  • Massage, IL #227.016363


  • Cortiva Institute: Chicago School of Massage Therapy


Bodywork & Massage

  • Swedish Massage
  • Mobile Chair Massage
  • Mobile Pregnancy Massage
  • Mobile Deep Tissue

Robin Berry

It's time to relax and destress!

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist. I became a massage therapist because my son has special needs and massages helped him and I love to help people so I thought this was my way of helping others. I have helped so many feel better and hope to continue. I specialize in deep tissue, swedish massage, trigger point therapy, stretches, prenatal massages, and more. I love to help everyone relax because we all need to relax and enjoy ourselves.  The more your muscles relax the better you feel and the m... more


Massage, IL # 227.016363



Cortiva Institute: Chicago School of Massage Therapy
Massage Therapist


Notable Experiences

Chair Massage
I also learned this in school and I also perform this with my business and at work as well.
Deep Tissue
This is definitely my specialty since I receive great joy of the release of tight muscles and the relief the clients/patients receive. I know exactly where to go to release the muscles by what i see, hear, and feel while warming up the muscles. I am very experience in this field of my work because not only do I receive this I also release others as well. I also have a certificate in the release of low back pain, sciatic issues, and hip pain.
Myofascial Release
I learned this in school as well. And can perform this under my license. I love to perform this while I'm warming up the muscles.
Hot Stone Massage
I have my certificate in this service.
Sports Massage
I always from time to time get a runner or other sports customers and that's where my expertise in this field comes in to prepare them for an event or to relax the muscles.
This I learned in school and have practice this modality ever since.
Trigger Point Therapy
I use this technique along with deep tissue because in some ways they go hand in hand.
I enjoy giving a prenatal massage. Not only did I learn this in school I also received this when I was pregnant and I know how much those that are pregnant can feel.