More than 20 years experience as a certified massage therapist and advanced bodyworker addressing specific issues and providing simple health solutions for soft tissue injuries, aches and pains... serving the southern Humboldt and northern Mendocino counties.

The exquisite design of the human body is complex and simple at once, and being curious by nature, the intricacies of the body have kept me ridiculously interested in what I do. I have worked extensively with medical professionals in clinical settings. Now, I enjoy the peace of a solitary practice. Wondering is a happy celebration of life and adding value to the world, when and where I can, is a guiltless pleasure.

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Where I Work

Institute of Conscios BodyWork - Alive and Well

Advanced BodyWorker


Outcome-Based Massage Therapy and Massage for Deep Relaxation

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Outcome-based massage is targeted and specific soft tissue therapy, drawing upon a variety of techniques to address; • chronic muscle tensions, aches and pains that often masquerade as joint issues or arthritus • recovery and rehab for traumatic, repetitive, overuse or sports related injury • weakness • limited range of motion • dysfunctional patterns of compensation, protection and stress • scar tissue • insomnia • fatigue • depression... Some of the techniques that most influence outcome-based therapy are: • sports massage • myofascial release • deep tissue • swedish • lymphatic • neuro muscular activation • trigger point therapy • active stretch and release • medical and orthopedic massage • hot stones as heat therapy and • passive stretch. The aim of outcome-based massage therapy is to apply, and then track the outcome of, specific therapy. By identifying patterns we hope to achieve efficient and lasting results through massage and stretching, allowing clients to move beyond restriction, compensation and dependency on therapy. MASSAGE for DEEP RELAXATION: Blends the long soothing strokes of swedish massage with a variety of techniques drawn from the wellspring of revered traditions. You can choose all soothing relaxation or you can combine it with a therapeutic focus to suit your needs.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

  • Outcome-Based Massage Therapy
  • Swedish and Deep Tissue

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