Catalina Stoica

Healthy body. Healthy mind. Live and enjoy a better life!

Catalina Stoica

California Certified Massage therapist- Prenatal and Craniosacral Massage specialist since 2009

My career include venues in both Europe and the USA, having a wealth of experience from numerous class Spas. 
My  Nursing Degree adds a unique skill developing my own approach to massage therapy

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My Services

Deep tissue, Shiatsu,Trigger point therapy, Hot stones, Sport massage, Craniosacral,Pregnacy, Reflexology

My accomplishment is to help you redefine yourself,and live pain free! You will uncover the stress free and vibrant health that exists within you. Your journey to caring for your body and creating your best health. A body that is streched,massaged,and well cared for,is healty,radiant and gorgeous inside and out.