Renee Outlaw

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  • Massage, CA #4038
  • Certified Meditation Therapist , # 45156-11
  • Aromatherapy specialist , # 56942
  • Homeopathy , # 68903


  • The National Holistic Institute
  • Universal Holistic Health Center
  • SF State


Bodywork & Massage

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Renee Outlaw

One must first be fully awake to have a dream

Born in the San Francisco Bay area to an athletic  middle class family, with very young yet responsible parents. Renee was taught young, about being true to yourself, and a phrase her Mother Cindy told her one time really left a huge impression on her life. "what goes around comes around" Renee didn't know then, but this phrase would be one that she lived by, and how creating her reality around her.
Many families at the time in the 1980's were going to church every Sunday, The young family of ...

Where I Work

Lucid Chi Massage &BioDynamics;  

3705 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Ste. B, Lafayette , CA 94549 Map it


Massage, CA # 4038
Certified Meditation Therapist , # 45156-11
Aromatherapy specialist , # 56942
Homeopathy , # 68903



The National Holistic Institute
Western & Eastern Massage Modalities/Techniques , Kinesiology,Pathology, Physiology,Business Management, Marketing
Universal Holistic Health Center
AromaTherapy 1,2,3,4
SF State
Sports Science/Med


Notable Experiences

Craniosacral Therapy
4 week class, 3 days a week. Bones in the skull , flection and extension, body opening up like a flower energetically and what it looks like.
Chair Massage
learned first at NHI worked many events Techniques thought by Brad James ~ traveling instructor (bodywork, chair massage and more)
Deep Tissue
NHI~training Deep tissue massage is a slow, intense and detailed massage on the area that is giving the most problems - back and neck, shoulders and arms, low back & hip, or hip & legs. Purpose is to release chronic contracture of muscles, fascia to reduce pain, as well as to produce changes in movement in posture; to create mechanical change in body. Changing posture, creating freedom of movement by releasing fascial adhesions, & chronic muscle contracture. Adhesions, essentially scar tissue, form in muscles because of injury, chronic poor posture, chronic or acute inflammation and repetitive motions.
Polarity Therapy
NHI training. Polarity process promotes well-being, self-awareness, clarity, &peace; of mind. Benefits include reduction of stress & anxiety, relief from allergies & physical symptoms such as back pain and headaches, relaxation and revitalization, balanced blood pressure, and restoration of healthy functioning to body systems.
Lymphatic Drainage
Body Maniacs
Burke Williams ~ San francisco 6 week intimate class setting (6 students) Proper body stance, lifting , post care body maniacs, nutrition before and after
intuitive healing
Meditation to find a healing master. A spirit you work with who hooks to the back of your hands, does not enter your space. Client is in seated position "Chair" ground, and clean out chakras and Aura. Long distance healing, Surrogate healing. Detaching Energetic Cords properly
on line class and out in the field lab, having to earn a # of hours,with Faxed proof,videos etc.
Rain Drop Therapy
Type of aromatherapy ..American version of Aryaveda
Online and Lab class, level one 12 week class
Body wraps, Salt Glo, Sugar Scrub, Vichi
Burke Williams ~ 8 week class 2010