Erika Brooke

  • WA License #: 60081935

Healing massage

I have been a massage therapist for about 3 years.  I have an athletic background, so have always had a fairly good sense of physicality.  Working with clients who struggle with chronic pain, or those who are looking to recover from injuries, is enjoyable to me, because I know how to apply a combination of deep tissue techniques and self care homework.  My current interests include outdoor adventures during this great summer weather, running with shelter dogs, and hot yoga. 

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WA # 60081935


Massge Connection School of Natural Healing

600 Hr massage therapy


healers healing themelves

Working with chiropractors is really interesting. Like massage therapists, they understand how the muscles and bones work together for posture and proper body function. The doctor and I have had some really interesting conversations just about our own misalignments. We have studied the body in depth, and still, we struggle with chronic misalignment caused by old lifestyle patterns and habitual daily activities. Together we've started building plans for our own healing.

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