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Dale Alexander

"I was born to grow this work. I am so very lucky. I love what I do !"

Am now entering my 35th year as a Clinical Massage Therapist. I specialize in resolving chronic somatic conditions and all forms of health related problems. 

The Inside-Out Paradigm© has become my gift to our collective profession. Have been publishing with Massage Today now for 10 years endeavoring to articulate the ongoing evolution of "how the body really works." My clients have been my best teachers. (www.massagetoday.com)

Do consider one of my courses for expanding your understanding of an...

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Dale G. Alexander Ph.D. L.M.T.  

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Clinical Massage Therapy  

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Massage, FL # MA0003693
Massotherapy, # 7225



Fla. School of Massage
Licensed Massage Therapist
Akron School of Massotherapy
Massotherapy Licensing


Notable Experiences

Craniosacral Therapy
Had the honor & opportunity to study with Dr. John Upledger D.O. for 7 years assisting many courses and teaching in his curriculum. He was truly a pioneer and trailblazer for the many who followed... including me.
Muscle Energy Technique
Had the privilege to study with Dr. Richard MacDonald D.O. one of the finest physicians to use the Muscle Energy Technique in his manual therapy practice. We wrote the 1st workbook for the Upledger Institute and was honored to teach these courses for 5 years internationally.
Visceral Manipulation
Dr. Jean Pierre Barral D.O. opened my eyes to so many dimensions of how to conceive of assisting the human body to heal. His work continues to evolve with practicality, wisdom, & grace. I encourage all dedicated massage therapists to study with him. www.barralinstitute.com
Integrated Awareness® Teacher
Lansing Barrett Gresham, the founder of Integrated Awareness® is the most extraordinary healer I have studied with over my career. His grasp of human development, learning, and growth has no equal in my experience. During my many many trainings with him over 25 years I credit my own sense of identity consolidation & personal peace to his genius. As a result, I embody an expanded quality of presence and compassion with clients. www.inawareness.com
Thomas Hanna Ph.D. had a passion for learning & teaching. I was so lucky to have studied with him and to have received personal treatment from him. He left this earth far too early. His understanding of the flexor/extensor reflexes continue to serve my clients on a daily basis.
Soma Neuromuscular Integration
This was my foundational training in connective tissue/fascial work and has stood the test of time proving its effectiveness to assist all clients. Bill Williams PhD & Ellen Gregory PhD were superb instructors and communicated a philosophy of sacred touch. Bill was able to transfer his learnings from Ida P. Rolf PhD. in ways that honored her named tradition of bodywork, Rolfing and provided many additional useful and novel perspectives.