Patrick Miller - KC

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  • Heritage College: Kansas City MO


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Patrick Miller - KC

Offering a firm but gentle massage to provide a mood boost, manage pain, and improve body function

After dealing with medical related injuries due to accidents, and seeing the results, I came into the massage field. Opting for the longer 1200 hour program, and extensive continuing education, I have a well rounded portfolio and toolbox with which to pull from and offer healing. I can do Swedish massage, but I find that once people have tried a deeper therapeutic massage that is still gentle, they find they needed the work, and prefer it.

That's right, deep tissue need not hurt. I take my ti...


Where I Work

Amazing Hands @ Westwood Spa (KC)  

4705 Mission Rd. , Westwood, KS 66205 Map it


Massage, KS # wwl-010
la, # 4005



Heritage College: Kansas City MO
Therapeutic Massage AOC


Notable Experiences

Deep Tissue
Working with athletes, doctors, trainers, and everyone that has tension, I have developed a thorough knowledge and working ability to help with training, rehab, and general stresses.
Myofascial Release
Sometimes it is the not just the muscles, but the connective tissue and adhesions that cause tension, pain, and general inflexibility & tightness. With experience unwinding these layers of fascia or connective tissue, we can work together to make things better.
Sports Massage
This is not really a category, but I customize based on your goals. I am familiar with working on athletes from Circus Du Soleil, Riverdance, Mary Poppins Cast & Crew, and individual athletes from the weekend warrior to the musician and contortionist.
Trigger Point Therapy
Sometimes you have that knot that just gives you trouble. Often that is a trigger point. I have experience in relieving trigger points and associated points from referral points to primary sources of trouble.
I've done numerous pre and post natal massages, and was initially trained by a 20 year Labor & Delivery nurse who also had 15 years of massage experience under her belt. I have moved past various myths and misconceptions, and can work within the necessary scope to help you while preventing complications. In fact, we can help normalize many body functions and aid in the relieve of many issues caused by pregnancy, and can encourage the body to feel good without drugs; many of which may be best if avoided or totally contra indicated when pregnant.
That's right, I can take your FSA/Flexible Spending and Medical Saving account funds. Plus, I work with doctors physical therapists, and lawyers to help you heal. I have worked in the office of both Medical Doctors and Chiropractors. Even if you are already getting care, we can still get you help in complement with them. Remember, in addition to focusing on the area of issue, massage often takes a holistic approach relaxing the whole body and other areas outside the main pain source. Sometimes this is the thing that is needed to get the area of pain to finally get better.
Chair Massage
Doing many events from promoting your business, to improving cognitive performance of employees and students along with general stress relief, and easing tension & pain.
Thai Massage
I incorporate Thai Yoga, stretching, compression, and various methods into my sessions. Not always as a whole session by itself, but as a piece of the puzzle.
I've worked with chiroractors and MD's
Both in the same office and on a referral basis (see medical)
Yoga & AcroYoga
I personally do acro yoga, and more mainstream yoga practices. I believe yoga can be a great way to maintain your body, and reduce the need for frequent bodywork sessions. Plus, it can help your body respond to sessions when you do come in. (ask about the yoga discount)