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  • Massage, CA #70604


  • Massage Therapy Institute (CA)
  • Massage Therapy Institute (CA)
  • Healing Hands Reiki


Bodywork & Massage

  • Mobile Chair Massage
  • Reiki
  • Mixed Technique Energetic Massage
  • Standard Massage

Beth Youngdoff

Health is wholeness.

Women experience so many stresses in our lives - our work, our home life, our relationships, our inner needs and truths may pull us in so many directions that it's hard to find our center.

Our bodies tell us what we need, if we listen to their voices - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I practice integrative bodywork for women who are seeking a greater self-knowledge and balance between the demands of home, work, family, and soul.

I use a therapeut... more

Where I Work

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Massage, CA # 70604



Massage Therapy Institute (CA)
Massage Fundamentals
Massage Therapy Institute (CA)
Acupressure Concentration
Healing Hands Reiki
Reiki Master & teacher


Notable Experiences

Dancer, Instructor and Coach
30 years of performance, teaching and coaching Middle Eastern dance across the US, Miss American of Belly Dance 1993, coach of Miss American of Belly Dance 2004 (Tahiya), producer of The Dancers' Toolkit, named Best Instructional Video by the 1997 GAMAL Awards and the IAMED 1998 Awards. Creator of the Video Private dance analysis teaching tool and the Bastet Instructional system.