Heather Rowell

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  • Massage, NC #15460


  • The North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork, Inc.


Bodywork & Massage

  • Trigger Point Therapy

Heather Rowell

Got an issue with your tissue?

Let's face it, many of us have some type of regular pain or discomfort.  Whether it's a pain in the neck, bothersome knee, lower back ache or shoulder trouble.​  Most of these have been acquired over time and can be reversed through proper therapy techniques.

The best results are when client and therapist are on the same page.  I enjoy setting goals with each individual based on their needs and lifestyle.  Together we focus on decreasing pain and discomfort, along with increasing personal dail...

Where I Work


Massage, NC # 15460



The North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork, Inc.
Clinical Massage & Bodywork Theraoy


Notable Experiences

Teaching Assistant
Good grades and great bodywork were visible enough at the school I attended that I was asked to join the staff. I enjoy working with the students and Director of Education each week on muscle compartments and hands on therapy sessions. It is an awesome opportunity to continually be in a learning environment.