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Internaional Institute of Massage Therapy

Professional Massage Therapy Certification Program


Brigham Young University -- Idaho

Bachelor's Degree (BS) in Psychology


Touch of Hope

Basic & Advanced Theta Healing



I am trained in locating various acupressure points that are commonly used to assist in alleviating symptoms and/or muscular tension.

Chair Massage

I am trained in using a massage chair to accommodate those that have difficulty lying down. I have used this method with several clients and have hosted many massage events for businesses and schools, offering massage in the massage chair.

Deep Tissue

I am trained in applying Deep Tissue massage for those that desire a more firm pressure and need/want to attend to those muscles that are deeper and not attended to as often. My grip can reach approximately 200 lbs. of pressure, and I know how to use proper leverage and body strength to reach clients' desired pressure.

Myofascial Release

I am trained Myofascial Release to help loosen tissue so that it is more flexible, possibly increasing range of motion.


I am trained in Reflexology (each part of the body corresponding to parts of the hands/feet), using both the hands and the feet of the client to stimulate muscular release and easing of symptoms. This is especially beneficial for those that have areas that cannot be accessed, but where there is pain; such as with burn victims.

Sports Massage

I am trained in the use of cryotherapy (ice) to reduce inflammation and sooth sore muscles. I have worked as an on-call massage therapist at the National Sumo Wrestling Competition in 2014 in Jackson, WY, where I worked on many of the competitors, including the champion of the competition.


I am trained in Swedish massage --- applying bodywork that is relaxing and soothing, and encourages the body to heal; it's primary function is to ease muscular tension, release endorphins into the blood stream, and help the body rid itself of toxins by stimulating the lymph system.


I am trained in Prenatal/Pregnancy massage. For those that are beyond the first trimester, we use a pad that is designed to provide room and protection for the fetus and still be able to apply proper techniques that will address the concerns of the client. For those that are uncomfortable laying face-down, even with the pad, side-lying positions can be used to provide comfort while still being able to access the muscles that need attention.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Joanne M. on Nov 07
I liked the whole experience. The metal tool is brutal, yet effective. I am sore, but my muscles are are less tight and I can feel that difference. I love the music, the conversation with Tyler, and I appreciate the professionalism. Thank you, too, for the extra time you spent past the hour time limit. ????????
by Lettie on Oct 25
Tyler is instinctual and effective in his approach.
by Adam on Oct 20
Really concentrated on relieving problems spots. Very professional and courteous. Great overall experience.
by Kimberly on Oct 05
Tyler is a great massage therapist and does a very professional skilled job.
by Anonymous on Oct 04
Therapist responded to muscle areas needing attention and demonstrated knowlede to locate correct muscle and nerve groups causing pain and other health issues. Overall great with a sense if healing more than just a relaxing massage.
by Tara M. on Sep 20
I had my first message with Tyler and was very impressed. I does an excellent job and I will definitely be coming back. Thank you!
by Rosemary on Sep 13
I noticed that the heat packs didn't stay warm as long as I anticipated them to. Perhaps adding an additional cloth on top of the other one will help hold the heat in longer. This is just something I noticed from previous experience at another place. Thanks
by Anonymous on Feb 12
Will be returning!!!
by Anonymous on Oct 14
Tyler is amazing and I always feel better when I leave than when I come.
by Anonymous on Oct 03
I have never had a massage before, but after having one from Tyler, I will be back! He made me feel comfortable and talked me through everything he was and would be doing so I could relax and just enjoy it. He listened to me and focused on the areas that were giving me trouble and did his best to make me feel better. I would recommend Tyler to anyone looking for a great massage therapist. I've already scheduled my next appointment!

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