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You've Never Had A Massage Until You've Had One By Me!!

Hi everyone, I have been a proud Licensed Massage Therapist for 14+ years and absolutely love my career.  My clients come first and helping to heal them is my pleasure. I will never have another career, this is what I was meant to do. Massage comes very natural to me, I tend to be very in tune with my clients muscles and what exactly they need.

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Sawyer Clinical Massage Therapy College

Clinical Massage Therapy

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Julie on Apr 01
My first visit and Lena was awesome. Very sweet and professional. Not too hard and not too soft. Just righ...for me! Can't wait to book my next out of the (3) package I ordered.
by Anonymous on Mar 29
I got a 90 minute massage, which I wanted the majority of the time on my whole back and hips. Lena used the same technique and pressure the whole time. I get massages regularly and they always use their arms, elbow, palms, alternate pressure, to work out the tension and knots. There was also no work done on the hips or glutes The massage was average, if you just want to relax.
by debbie on Jan 16
Amazing as always!
by Anonymous on Jan 14
Very nice facility. Massage was wonderful and relaxing. Will return as soon as the schedule allows.
by Gail on Dec 06
Lena was the answer to my bursitis pain off my hip down my leg. Her expert massage skills were the answer for relief. I finally got a good night’s sleep after two weeks of restless nights.
by Anonymous on Dec 04
Lena is wonderful ! She knew exactly what my body needed. She even gave me some tips on what stretches were good for me to do everyday! Very thoughtful, and professional. I will definitely be coming back!
by Kelli on Nov 23
Totally relaxing and I had a lot of knots. Her skills are phenomenal!! I have been getting massages for a long time, this is the first time I walked away totally relaxed.
by michelle on Nov 03
At Lena's Massage the Atmosphere is very Appealing and Extremely Relaxing. Lena's extremely Knowledgeable about Anatomy, more specifically the Musculatory and Nervous systems than other Massage Therapists I have been to previously. She not only Specializes in the Swedish Massage but perhaps (Unknowingly to her, is a phenomenal Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, as well. And, has an Excellent and Precise Deep Tissue Massage Technique). I would/will Recommend her for anyone who wants anywhere from just a just a Relaxing (Swedish) Massage or in need of a Deep Tissue Massage (maybe due to a Back Injury). Regardless of the reason for the kind of Massage you need, Lena's Massage has the Atmosphere to make anyone feel relaxed. And she poses the skills necessary to not only analyze want your body wants; But can let you know what your body NEEDS. Or, if you or you want to give a special family member/friend the best unique gift, just come in for that...Most Relaxing & Beautiful ( can NEVER go wrong with) the SWEDISH MASSAGE!
by lorrie on Oct 28
Lena's caring hands reflect a caring heart. She is aligned with her calling to nurture and relax folks. I get off her massage table feeling great! Highly recommend Lena's massage for stress management.
by Anonymous on Oct 27
loved the great massages! I have gone several times and will continue with Lena. She not only gives the best massage, but is very helpful and understands your needs, adjusting your massage to that need. Try her! She is...amazing!

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

  • 30 minutes
  • Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage

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