Mark Lechtner


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  • Massage, NC #9399


  • Southeastern Institute: Charlotte


Bodywork & Massage

  • Medical Massage
  • Neuromuscular Massage
  • Deep Tissue

Mark Lechtner

Helping You Achieve Your Pain Relief

I would like to introduce myself. I am Mark Lechtner, Licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist. I have been a long time resident of the Hickory area . A graduate of Southeastern Institute in August 2009 where I received my certificate in Professional Clinical Massage Therapy. I am Neuromuscular and body work massage therapist. I specialize in a deep relaxing massage technique with the ability to find trigger points and melt them away.I am a certified Medical Massage Practioner . I am co... more

Where I Work

Clinical Massage-Hickory  

1015 2nd St NE, Hickory, NC 28601 Map it


Massage, NC # 9399



Southeastern Institute: Charlotte
Clinical MAssage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Certified Medical Massage Practioner
Completed my certification with LMT success group over 40 hours of training hands on.
by BARBARA R. on Jan 22
Mark really takes the time to listen to what is happening in your mind, body and spirit before he begins.
by Maura J. on Jan 20
Mark is a great massage therapist. He listens to the needs of the client
by Ben G. on Jan 15
Mark did an excellent job! My wife arranged the massage for me, and of course, I was skeptical. Mark was very professional and the massage was very relaxing and therapeutic. I will definitely be seeing him again!!
by Ricki W. on Dec 05
The whole experience was awesome.
by Ricki W. on Dec 05
The whole experience was awesome.
by Stephanie L. on Oct 30
Mark is awesome!! Best message ever!
by Jen M. on Oct 28
Very professional. Very capable of detecting what area of the body needs work.
by Anonymous on Oct 28
Great massage, as always.
by Anonymous on Oct 27
I always leave my appointments with Mark feeling better and ready to take on the world. He works out the tension and stress that I carry around in my shoulders and is a necessary part of my pain management plan. His office is convenient, quiet and cozy. He has mad skills and great office hours.
by Susan H. on Oct 09
Very relaxing massage, Mark was professional, skilled and experienced.
by Anonymous on Oct 02
Enjoyed the experience and was relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.
by Sharon M. on Sep 16
Fantastic massage!! Can't say enough good things about Mark!! Always listens to your "trouble " areas & helps with the issues!!
by Sharon M. on Sep 16
Fantastic massage!! Can't say enough good things about Mark!! Always listens to your "trouble " areas & helps with the issues!!
by Donna B. on Sep 13
warm sheet/blanket on table. Soft soothing music. Not rough, soft smooth massage. Very professional!!!!
by Anonymous on Sep 11
Exceptionally skilled and benefits of treament....Outstanding!!!
by Laura M. on Sep 10
As always, Mark is excellent! Very relaxing and therapeutic! Would highly recommend him for a great massage.
by Anonymous on Sep 09
Professional, therapeutic massage. Will definitely return.
by Micheal R. on Sep 09
Mark was very professional and the Ambiance of the room was very nice. I enjoyed his feedback before my massage and I left feeling relaxed.
by Phyllis S. on Sep 05
I went to Mark to work out some knee and foot issues, but he also worked on my rounded back and opened my shoulders,, which no other MT has ever pointed out. He also showed me how to tape my heel and Achilles for my plantar fasciitis, which I am now using.
by Anonymous on Sep 02
by Katie H. on Sep 01
Mark is very personable, thorough and knows his stuff. Best massage I have ever received and I continue to drive 55 minutes to keep him as my massage therapist. Highly recommend him!
by Anonymous on Sep 01
by Brenda L. on Aug 25
All the focus was on bodywork. Mark is quiet and skilled. He used some interesting and pleasant techniques that I have never had. And I have had massages across the globe. I felt respected, safe and valued as a client. I plan on more visits to manage Fibromyalgia and the multi-symptoms it has.
by Anonymous on Aug 22
I really like the way Mark concentrates on the problem areas.
by wendy l. on Aug 22
I loved everything!! Very relaxing!!
by Michael B. on Aug 21
Mark did an excellent job during my massage. He identified trigger points and worked on those specific areas throughout the duration. I left feeling extreme relief and will definitely be back soon.
by Anonymous on Aug 01
Mark always does an excellent job. He is very professional and nice, and skilled and knowledgeable in what he does. He also has a very calming and relaxing personality. I have always had a good experience with him and will continue with him for massages!!
by Pam K. on Jul 25
Best experience ever!
by Anonymous on Jul 20
Best massage therapist ever!!!!!
by Lisa J. on Jul 17
It was a very detailed thorough massage.
by Avi W. on Jul 14
Mark is great! He is very professional and knowledgeable about what areas to focus on depending on your needs. I will definitely be going back!
by David B. on Jul 05
Mark was both very skilled and extremely professional. If you are looking for a "spa experience" this is probably not for you. But, if your body hurts and you are in need of a real massage this is the place to go.
by Gail C. on Jul 01
Was pleased with everything..Mark was very helpful and look forward to my next visit.
by Mark L. on Jun 12
all was very good. Will go back.
by Mickiqmf R. on Jun 08
This was my first time experiencing the bamboo and stone treatment. I found it deeply soothing and relaxing while at the same time stimulating and invigorating. Mark has an effective technique of guiding these implements to apply unique pressure to certain points that finally cause a muscle to give way. I highly recommend him.
by Anonymous on May 29
felt so much better afterwards.....
by Etta M. on May 26
I am extremely glad I discovered Clinical Massage. Mark's expertise in his field of work has helped me a great deal.
by Anonymous on May 25
Everything was great.
by Jennifer C. on May 23
Always amazing!
by Anonymous on May 23
I am thrilled to have received a massage that targeted my pain issues.
by Lyndsey S. on May 20
Mark made sure I was comfortable and answered any questions before beginning the massage.
by Susan W. on May 05
Wonderful relaxing
by Anonymous on Apr 25
Liked it very much! Would not change anything. Thank you.
by Cat H. on Apr 25
Mark was very professional. I enjoyed my massage looking forward to my next one!
by Anonymous on Apr 24
Mark listened to what I was saying and seemed to truly care about the pain I was in.
by Jacqueline G. on Apr 20
I am a cancer survivor and have undergone 6 surgeries in 11 locations. My story gets worse so I'll stop there. I do need to say that I am fighting to regain my mobility as best I can. Mark is helping me do that. He properly works my damaged muscles and scar tissue. I know it may be expensive to go often. But my mobility is so very valuable to me.
by Anonymous on Apr 09
I had my first appt with Mark Friday. I was very pleased with my experience. Mark is very knowledgeable and answer all my questions. Book my next app already.
by Tyson C. on Apr 06
Appreciate Mark's professionalism.
by Courtney B. on Apr 02
Best experience I have ever had! Highly recommend!!
by Amanda G. on Mar 29
Excellent session- deep work and highly professional.
by Jennifer W. on Mar 17
Excellent massage with a professional therapist.
by Lee A. on Feb 06
Mark is the best. He is so intuitive about his treatments - knowing exactly where to focus to relieve my pain.
by Lynn C. on Feb 05
3 back surgeries later I've had many massage therapists along my journey. New to this area I found Mark on the web. Within 5 minutes of my first visit I knew he was the best I've experienced. I more than highly recommend him. He has saved me from going over the edge in controlling my pain due to a severe disability.
by Michelle W. on Dec 16
I am never disappointed after a massage from Mark. His knowledge and professionalism are unmatched. After my massage I always sleep better, wake up with more range of motion and my body works as it is meant to.
by Anonymous on Dec 01
Mark is great!
by Jessica K. on Nov 07
Great experience will be back soon!!
by Anonymous on Oct 13
These massages have made a tremendous difference for me. Mark has been able to pinpoint problem spots and give me a lot relief from muscle tension and pain.
by Anonymous on Sep 14
Great masseur! Relaxing massage! I'll go again!
by Debra I. on Sep 10
My lower back had a pinched spot and after he worked on my lower back that pinched spot was gone and is still gone today.
by Laura M. on Aug 30
Have had numerous massages with Mark - all were executed in a professional manner and excellent skill. Highly recommend him!
by Sarah M. on Aug 27
One of the best massages I have experienced. I would highly recommend to everyone!
by Anonymous on Aug 23
I always leave Mark's office feeling wonderful! He took care of the painful areas andstopped my headache. He's am amazing therapist!
by Anonymous on Aug 10
Best in town !
by Alycen W. on Aug 09
This is one of the best massages that I have ever had.
by Kevin D. on Apr 05
Mark is very professional. He listens to your concerns and very knowledgeable in what he is doing. I have been and will continue to recommend him to my friends.
by Rugby H. on Mar 06
Excellent..Always a Professional!
by Laura M. on Feb 07
It was much needed to reduce my stress level!! I really enjoyed it!
by Tammy K. on Feb 06
You did great
by Anonymous on Jan 20
Mark is very professional and is very good about targeting those bothersome areas. I would highly recommend him.
by Anonymous on Jan 15
Mark is an amazing therapist - not just massage but there is a physical therapy element so that I know the work he's doing will pay off in the long run, not just a short-term solution. I highly recommend him.