Lisa Diel

Make a deal with yourself for a balanced life.

Things to do, places to go, time flying by, waking up tired, repeating the cycle. Even when you have down time, you're so keyed up it takes you a long time to let the tension go.

That's what I hear again and again. I see what this does to a body, and it isn't a good thing.

I am a re-set button that will make you feel balanced again.

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MI # 7501000204


Irene's Myomassology Institute

Massage Therapy


Irene's Myomassology Institute

Advanced Lymphtic Drainage


The Benjamin Institute of Advanced Studies

Advanced Deep Tissue Muscular Therapy Technique


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Completed the Advanced, 14 hour, course in Lymphatic Drainage.

Clinic Supervisor-Irene's Myomassology Institute

After graduating from Massage School, I worked as a supervisor in our massage clinic. Students having completed half of their program are thoroughly trained in Swedish massage. Them they begin utilizing their skills by working in the clinic. In the clinic they provide people with a professional quality massage services. The clinic is open to the public. My job was to schedule students and people who wanted massage. I also helped students if they had any questions before or during massages. It was a very rewarding experience. Not only did I help the students but it also helped me to improve my skills as a Massage Therapist.

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