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Skip Skarpa

Negative Energy Can Make Us Feel Sad & Depressed...I Can Clear/ Cleanse Your Chakras & Aura & Assist You in Healing

My Grandmother and Great Grandmother were American Indians, lived on the same 75 acres of land in rural south Texas, and were Healers. People came from miles around to have them use their healing powers from above to assist them with their physical and mental challenges. 
Being an Army brat back in the 1950's, I lived with them from age 7-10 vs moving around with my Dad who was a Master Sgt in the army. 
I was fortunate to be able to observe them helping people with their gift of healing. They ...

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Energy Spiritual Healer
Feeling At a Loss? No Energy- No Motivation -Low self Esteem ...Energy Healing Can Assist You With Your Depression, Sadness, Recent Loss of a Partner, Loved One, Career Loss, Loss of a Pet, Tangible or Non Tangible. Our Chakras Need to Be Balanced and Flowing in Unison For Our Entire Being to be Healthy. A Blockage in One of Our Chakras Can Cause Us to Feel Down, Drained, Energy Deprived. People Move In and Out Of Your Life, But When They Leave, Their Negative Energy is Left Behind in You and Your Personal Space. This Could Be From a Personal Relationship or Business One. As an Energy Healer I Can Clear/ Cleanse The Negative Energy Out Of You or You and Your Living/ Work Space. We Are Alive Because Life Energy Or Ki Is Flowing Thru Us. Ki Flows Within the The Physical Body Thru Pathways Called Chakras, Meridian Lines, and Nadis. Ki Passes Directly Thru Our Organs & Tissue of The Body. It Also Flows Around Us in a Field of Energy Called the Aura. The Free and Balanced Flow of Our Ki is the Cause of Our Well Being. Ki Nourishes the Organs & Cells of the Body to Support Them in Their Vital Functions. As Energy Healer, I Act As a Bridge to Bring Wisdom, Guidance, & Healing Energy From the Powers Above Down to the People & Living Things on Earth I Interact With During an Energy Session. Experience an Energy Healing Session Soon & Get Your Spirit, Your Chakras and Your Aura Back In Line Working Together in Harmony For Your Life Journey Ahead. We Can Together Heal Your Spirit and Put You Back on that Road of Joy and Happiness. "Here's To Your Journey" Skip Skarpa Energy Spirit Healer Reiki Master Teacher Non Denominational Ordained Minister