Amy Braida

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  • Massage, IN #MT21003636


  • Mercy College of NW Ohio


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Amy Braida

"Be the Change You Want To See In the World"

Massage therapy helps to recharge the mind, body and spirit. 

I am working with Vine Healthcare to bring health and wellness to our clients.  I have been trained in the following modalities:

*Swedish Massage

*Prenatal Massage

*Aromatherapy Massage

*Hot stone Massage

*Cold Stone for Migraine Headaches Massage

*Therapeutic Massage for Cancer Patients 

*Mud Wrap

*Manual Lymph Drainage

*Please mention that you are pregnant when making appointment.*

Each massage session is centered around y...


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Massage, IN # MT21003636



Mercy College of NW Ohio
Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage


Notable Experiences

Nurturing the Mother – Pre/Peri–Natal Massage 30 CEUs
Fertility Massage, Prenatal Massage, Post-Natal Massage
Cold Stone Therapy for Migraine Headaches 6 CEUs
The use of cold marble stones on the face and neck to reduce pain and inflammation.
Massage in the Oncology Setting 35 CEUs
Promotes circulation and immune function, decreases fatigue and nausea, increases relaxation and reduces stress.
Massage for People Living with Cancer 24 CEUs
Empowers clients to take an active role in their healing process and to help rebuild their hope.
Aromassage Techniques Levels I & II 7 CEUs
Aromatherapy oils are added to the massage cream during the session. Aromatherapy is a natural way to relieve common ailments such as headaches, pain, stress. They can also help to increase immunity, alertness and energy.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth stones are heated and then lubricated with oil or essential oils,... more

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Therapeutic Massage

Massage oil or cream is used with smooth, gliding strokes. Swedish massa... more

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Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting w... more

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Mud Wrap Therapy

The mud wrap incorporates Dead Sea mud and heat to enhance the healing ... more

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Oncology (Cancer) Massage

This massage session offers a light, tender touch. The goal is to empowe... more

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Cold Stone Migraine Therapy

This massage incorporates cold marble stones and aromatherapy. The stone... more

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Manual Lymph Drainage

A type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drai... more

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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy oils are added to the massage cream during the session. Ar... more

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