Megan Dombroski

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  • Massage, NC #13978


  • Kneaded Energy School of Massage
  • UNC Asheville


Bodywork & Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Prenatal Massage

Megan Dombroski

Neck pain? I've got you.

Are you staring at this screen on your cell phone or hunched over your desk top? Either way,I bet you can feel that familiar pain between your shoulder blades and spine, or up the sides of your neck and into the base of your skull.

I can help you move a little freer, sleep a little easier, and pull those shoulders down from your ears.

I specialize in easing neck and upper back pain, focusing on the head, neck, shoulders, and often over-looked pec and chest muscles.  The majority of our jobs hav...

Where I Work

Greensboro Massage and Bodywork  

2307 W. Cone Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27408 Map it

Megan Dombroki, LMBT  

4929 W Market St #2120, Greensboro, NC 27407 Map it


Massage, NC # 13978



Kneaded Energy School of Massage
Professional Massage Therapy
UNC Asheville
Mass Communication - Minor Health and Wellness


Notable Experiences

Deep Tissue
I have specific additional training in Deep Tissue Techniques to help access underlying muscles and relieve aches and chronic pain.
Prenatal Massage
Specific training in prenatal massage, including techniques to relieve neck, shoulders, low back and hip pain. We also learned how to make our clients as comfortable as possible and how to keep both the mother and child safe during the massage.