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Carla Van Arnam

How may I help you today?

 If you want to feel more integrated in yourself and who you becoming, sign up for a Zero Balancing session today. If you've worked through some of your mental and emotional material, there can still be residue in the physical body. It might manifest as physical symptom(s) or feeling of stuckness. Zero Balancing creates favorable conditions for moving forwards.

Zero Balancing was my door into bodywork and is the foundation of the quality of my touch and sensibility. My study of ZB began in 199... more

Where I Work

Carla S. Van Arnam, LMT, CZB  

7328 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32607 Map it


Massage, FL # MA41884



Florida School of Massage
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Certification in Holistic Manual Lymph Drainage. I completed a basic instruction in MLD for minor edemas, pre-surgical preparation, post-surgical recovery, and health enhancement. This work came easily to my hands and I have had good success with many different cases.
Cerification - Zero Balancing
I am a certified Zero Balancing practitioner and an active member of the Zero Balancing community nationwide. I've completed well over 350 hours of study, from Core ZB to advanced work for the skull and internal organs.