Rosie Samora


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  • Massage, AZ #MT-18690


  • Arizona School of Massage Therapy: Phoenix


Bodywork & Massage

  • Other
  • Reflexology
  • Hellerwork Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Esalen Massage
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Thai Massage
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Reiki
  • Swedish Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Sports Massage

Rosie Samora

Massage Therapy For The Mind, Body, and Soul

My focus is on the health benefits offered by massage such as: relief for tight / aching muscles and joints, arthritis, reducing tension from stress which can help you sleep better and helping you, overtime, improve your body’s flexibility and balance. These are just some of the health benefits massage has to offer and if you do leave feeling like you have been pampered a little, then that’s good too.

Where I Work

Hands From Above Massage Therapy  

17505 N 79th Ave, Suite 311A, Glendale, AZ 85308 Map it


Massage, AZ # MT-18690



Arizona School of Massage Therapy: Phoenix
massage therapy


Notable Experiences

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by Nancy s. on Jan 14
I need to come more often Everytime I see Rosie I walk out feeling so relaxed ...Thank you I needed this
by Ashley T. on Jan 08
Everything was great!
by Leon M. on Dec 31
You can tell Rosie knows what she is doing. I experienced pain relief that I couldn't find at any other massage therapist that I've seen before. Highly recommend to anyone seeking pain or stress relief.
by Anonymous on Dec 31
She really wants to help her clients. Genuine care and concern
by Anonymous on Dec 03
I like how you are passionate in your massage work.
by Jerry S. on Dec 01
Ms. Samora listened to my description of my concerns and employed her experience in providing a path to relieving my pain and improving my mobility.
by Fran P. on Nov 24
Rosie is the best massage therapist I ever went to. Professional,knowledgeable and you come out feeling like a new and improved person!!!!! What I like the best about her is that she remembers your preferences for your session. I've been going to her for a while and will continue , she is the best.
by Anonymous on Nov 14
She really worked on my tension areas, felt much better when I left!
by Paul M. on Nov 13
Rosa made me feel comfortable to the max
by Paulette C. on Nov 09
Rosie has an incredible touch. She knew exactly what my body needed. I feel better than I have in four months. Thank you Rosie.
by Danae E. on Nov 05
The entire experience was 100% positive.
by Susan C. on Nov 03
Wonderful gift from my daughter. It was so relaxing and amazing. Wish I could get a massage from Rosie every week!
by Eddie C. on Oct 30
Once again, Rosie took my pain away! I look forward to the next appointment!
by Joyce B. on Oct 28
Very sweet
by Jacob a. on Oct 26
From my first visit I knew she was a great message therapist.
by Lynsay P. on Oct 25
The hand treatment was awesome. Relaxed me even more
by Lynsay P. on Oct 25
Again loved it .
by lisette c. on Oct 18
Rosie was very professional and courteous. I felt great after my session. I will be returning soon.
by Kirsten A. on Oct 18
Rosie was great and I will definitely come back!
by Anonymous on Oct 13
Amazing experience! Rosie did a wonderful job. I can't wait to go back!
by Mike M. on Oct 10
Felt so relaxed after my session it was great! Especially after a long few weeks of life! Thank you again Rosie you did awesome!!
by Tracy S. on Oct 10
Rosie us an amazingly skilled massage therapist! She has always given me an exceptional massage.
by James (Jim) G. on Oct 09
My area of concern is no longer a concern. Great work Rosie!!!
by Roger A. on Oct 07
I honestly can't speak highly enough about Rosie. She is a huge step above the large chains in my opinion. She absolutely knows about the body and what it takes to heal. I highly recommend her!
by Jesse K. on Oct 06
Nothing Rosie perfect l
by Anonymous on Oct 04
Rosie's attention to detail was second to none. I left feeling relaxed, more flexible, and tension free!
by Janna C. on Sep 26
Love Rosie! She is so professional and knows a lot about her field. Always knows the right spot to hit and answers my questions afterwards too!
by Frankie A. on Sep 21
Rosie is amazing. She truly listens to what you have to say before coming up with a plan to make you feel better. The pressure and techniques were exactly what i needed and i would recommend her to anyone seeking relief from painful and tight muscles and joints or anyone that just wants to relax.
by Mike F. on Sep 20
Always a great massage, leave feeling 10x better
by Kate C. on Sep 12
Rosie did an amazing job and I will definitely come back to her again.
by Anonymous on Sep 11
Too gentle needed more pressure.
by Anonymous on Sep 09
Rosie is awesome!
by Pam B. on Aug 28
Rosie is AMAZING!
by Ronnie D. on Aug 23
Loved every minute! Best massage I ever had so far!
by Anonymous on Aug 21
I have to say that this was the best massage I've ever had. I have been in pain for months and today the day after my massage I can move with out so much pain.
by Jen H. on Aug 21
Rosie has a really great technique and way of reading the body and giving it the attention that it needs. She is strong and deliberate in her approach. Her prices are affordable and well worth the investment you are making in yourself. The only thing I would change would be the background music. It was nice but I found my mind drifting to sing the lyrics to the instrumental music. But, letting go of external distraction is something I have to work on. I look forward to my next session and will definitely refer to her in the future.
by Laura G. on Aug 04
very good massage.. Rosie, you were great.
by Tony P. on Jul 30
One of the best massages I've ever had. Rosie did a great job at working on the areas that were hurting. I will not only recommend her to others, she will be the only one I go to from now on
by Anonymous on Jul 29
Great combination of variety of techniques. Would definitely recommend
by Anonymous on Jul 28
It was wonderful and really seemed to help.
by Anonymous on Jul 27
Wonderful massage.
by Phil S. on Jul 18
Highly skilled and professional!!
by Mistee R. on Jul 17
Rosie is awesome! I love going to see her. She is the only one i see when i need a massage. I would recommend her to anyone, and have.
by Mistee R. on Jul 17
Rosie is awesome! I love going to see her. She is the only one i see when i need a massage. I would recommend her to anyone, and have.
by daniel s. on Jul 15
Loved Rosie, she has a true gift and I can't say enough. I will be buying a years worth of visits. She is just getting started in a new office and so she has one small space that serves as therapy room and office but even then she makes it work and it wasn't distracting at all. I am recommending her to everyone I know.
by Marin H. on Jul 14
Rosie is a true professional who knows her business. She knows all the right trigger spots to increase mobility and assist with discomfort.
by Anonymous on Jul 11
by Alyssa T. on Jul 10
Thanks so much Rosie, we will be back soon!
by Anonymous on Jul 06
I feel a million times better after my massage
by Moni S. on Jul 04
Rosie is 1 of a kind. Her office is every clean, very serene, and welcoming. As soon as you walk through the door you are in a calm relaxing environment. Rosie is Extremely professional.Don't let her tiny size fool you! She can workout the most difficult knots. Ive been going to her for about 2 yrs now and have referred everyone I know to her. Rosie's prices are more than reasonable.I will travel across state to go see this woman. You will Not be Disappointed!
by Angela C. on Jul 01
Rosie is awesome, completely relaxing experience
by Joseph P. on Jul 01
Always great. Rosie finds stress points I didn't even know I had and relaxes them.
by Leslie L. on Jun 28
Rosie is excellent and makes you very relaxed.
by Laura R. on Jun 28
Rosie's a true professional with the right calling. Made me have hope that I can feel good again very professional, pleasant, and her pressure was good. Loved the oils too. Thx you
by Anonymous on Jun 20
Great, gradual pressure. Made even deep tissue work comfortable.
by Penny H. on Jun 14
I enjoyed it all . Thankyou !
by Debbie H. on Jun 13
Very professional yet personable and caring. It was an awesome experience not to mention the fabulous benefit I received.
by Anonymous on Jun 13
I felt much better off when I went to the gym after being massaged. She really knew how to stretch the muscles in the right way to help them feel better!
by Frederick J. on Jun 12
The massage was awesome. I have tmd, and Rosie was able to massage a lot of the pressure out. Quiet, relaxing, professional the whole way
by Steffan K. on Jun 08
Best massage I have ever had!
by Lauren K. on Jun 05
Thank you for a great first massage experience! I will definitely recommend to family& friends! Can't wait to come back :)!
by Anonymous on May 30
Did a great job!
by Lori M. on May 27
I loved everything about this experience...the setting, the music, the aromatherapy, the table, the bedding and of course the massage.
by Erik E. on May 27
Rosie found my troubled areas and attacked!
by Anonymous on May 13
Rosie does a great job, is attentive to your needs and listens well. Thank you
by Diana B. on May 12
Overall everything was professional and I left feeling like I got a massage especially after being in an accident.
by Jose C. on May 11
It was my first massage and I felt incredible. I needed this after competing at a crossfit competition this past weekend.
by Anonymous on May 08
I loved every single thing about it. The pressure was always exactly what I could handle and was just what I needed. Incredible
by chris p. on May 04
Rosie is great, as always!
by Anonymous on Mar 28
Very professional...she's great with her hands/arms to work out problem spots. She provides a nice, relaxing atmosphere. One of the best therapists I've ever seen.
by Lisa H. on Mar 18
Rosie does a fantastic job and she cares about your physical health!
by Gabby R. on Mar 12
Everything was awesome!
by Anonymous on Mar 08
Hands down best message in the West Valley! Strong hands on soft tissue work. Ask for what you want and you shall receive.
by Delia C. on Mar 04
Thank you Rosa for the amazing massage:-)<3
by David H. on Feb 24
One of the all time best massages I've ever received. I would and do recommend Rosie to anyone.
by Justine P. on Feb 16
I walked in feeling completely wrecked and walked out feeling new and refreshed!
by Gracie P. on Feb 03
Amazing!!! Best massage I've had!!!! Rosie is professional and knowledgeable. She really listens and works on those target areas. Would recommend to anyone!
by Anonymous on Feb 02
I enjoyed the whole experience. I've had a few full body massages at other places and I felt that this one felt really personal and tailored to my needs. I would definitely recommend it to friends, family and call again for another appointment. I left feeling amazing!
by Anonymous on Jan 19
I loved everything! I have had massages for years, and it was as great as any of my favorite ones in the past. Rose did a particular thing to my neck that I had never experienced before and it really made me feel good. I have already made my next appointment!
by Hannah R. on Jan 15
Rosie really knows her stuff. Best masseuse I've seen!
by Edward H. on Jan 04
Rosie focused on the ares that I specified, but she was also very thorough and her skill level was awesome! It was my first massage ever and it was awesome! I will come back in a few months!
by Sara S. on Jan 04
I loved my massage, Rosie was very professional. I will be back
by Misty L. on Dec 28
Always a great massage, definitely what I needed for my maternity back aches.
by Brendon R. on Dec 24
Such an amazing job. I feel so much better afterwards. Well trained professional.
by Jennifer F. on Dec 17
Rosie was great! She was very professional & gave a great massage. She concentrated on the areas where I told her I had the most pain & stiffness in my back & neck. The room was very soothing & comfortabe. I left feeling less stressed & very relaxed.
by Anonymous on Dec 03
If Rosie can't fix it then it can't be fixed. After being diagnosed by my doctor with some hip and internal muscle issues I saw two physical therapists both of whom were ok, but didn't give me the impression of really caring. I would see them for 2 minutes then they would hand me off to one of their assistants. After 2 months of no improvement I found Rosie. It took Rosie about 3 sessions before I started feeling better. After about 3 months I was almost at 100%. Rosie is amazing. What I like the most is that she really does care. I'm looking forward to going to her new office. Give Rosie a try, you will not be disappointed!!
by Anonymous on Dec 02
by Jeff Z. on Nov 16
Best massage therapist I've ever worked with!
by JoAnn C. on Nov 14
I really enjoy my visits with Rosie. She is an amazing therapist and really knows what she is doing. I am having shoulder problems and she is really helping me out. I plan on following her up to her new place. As a massage therapist, I am so glad I found my "go-to" therapist to help me with my self-care ritual. I still feel awesome after yesterday's massage!
by Julie D. on Nov 11
I am never disappointed when I see Rosie at Hands from Massage. You won't be able to find anyone as skilled and thorough is in the local area. I happily recommend her to anyone looking to relax, unwind, or get a problem area treated with massage therapy!
by Brent F. on Oct 30
I enjoyed my deep tissue massage.
by Gurman S. on Oct 28
I loved everything about this place. Rosie was very professional and nice and the massage I got was the best one yet.
by Anonymous on Oct 27
I think Rosie does a great job ,she takes the time to find out your needs to give you the best massage. I've been to the commercial massage places and they don't compare to hands from above.
by Janna C. on Sep 23
Best massage I have ever had! I've never felt so at ease and relaxed than I have with Rosie. She made me feel comfortable and understood I just needed some peace and quiet. Rosie knew exactly how far to push me for my first massage appointment in a long time. I will definitely be scheduling an appointment with her monthly and recommend Hands From Above Therapy to everyone!
by Anonymous on Sep 18
Overall experience was amazing. I would go back!
by Daniel C. on Aug 30
Thank you Rosie for always making me feel at home, always takes care of my root problem of my visit. Her passion and dedication that she displays makes the experience worth it and unforgettable.You have earned a client for life.
by Anonymous on Aug 03
There is never anything to dislike. Rosie is very experienced, friendly and professional . Her massages are extremely relaxing. The best quiet time ever !
by Sabrina B. on Jul 24
Awesome experience! Massage was great!
by Joseph P. on Jun 26
I feel much better.
by Barbara C. on May 23
The whole experience was great!
by Billy H. on May 23
I have always had lower back tightness and when I left my lower back felt loose and relaxed. This is the first time I have left a massage feeling that good. I can't recommend enough.
by Terry L. on May 20
I thought the massage was very relaxing soothing.
by Anonymous on May 20
Rosie was awesome! I left feeling relaxed, and care free.
by Anonymous on May 17
Rosie was awesome! I left feeling relaxed, and care free.
by Anonymous on May 03
Rosie is great!
by Tiare W. on Apr 16
There is a perfect balance between professionalism and friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Rosie listened to everything I needed and helped with things I didn't know I needed. I will absolutely be using her services again and I highly recommend her!!!
by Erik E. on Apr 16
Great skill with hands. Never wanted the massage to end!
by David L. on Apr 15
Best experience I've ever had! Can actually move my neck normal again! This will definitely be a help to bettering my mobility.
by Heidi D. on Apr 09
I had an amazing first time experience and am looking forward to my next massage.
by Sally A. on Mar 19
She did an outstanding massage, I would gladly recommend her to my friends.
by George Y. on Mar 04
overall all really good experience, very skilled.
by Omar O. on Feb 11
It was awesome thank you!
by Brian S. on Jan 16
Very professional , very soothing style. A+ marks all the way...
by Anonymous on Jan 01
Great massage! Great value!
by Noemi K. on Dec 20
Best massage I've had in years! Definitely recommend
by Chris K. on Dec 04
My major shoulder and upper back tightness is gone after just the first session! I definitely plan on going back to completely solve my flexibility issues.
by Anonymous on Dec 01
Rosie is amazing. She is very professional and friendly without talking your head off. She listened to my issues and did her best to address them. I can't say enough about the entire experience.
by Anonymous on Nov 01
Very happy with massage.
by Julie D. on Oct 30
This was one of the best massages I have ever had. My massage therapist was eager to discuss my main goal of the massage and explain what she was going to do to achieve that goal. She was extremely professional the entire time and made me feel extremely comfortable. I walked out of my appointment the most relaxed I've ever been. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. In fact, I went to work the next day singing their praises to my coworkers.
by Dustin J. on Oct 25
I can't wait for my next massage therapy session.
by Eddie C. on Oct 23
I will definitely be back! Amazing service and a really comfortable atmosphere.
by Amber R. on Oct 20
Massages feel personal to whatever need each and every time.
by chris p. on Oct 03
Awesome job rosie!
by Mike F. on Sep 25
Rosie is awesome, she is always friendly and knows what she is doing. Perfect for soothing recovery massage after a intense workout week or massage to get away from the stress of the real world.
by Luis T. on Sep 19
Amazing!!! Will definitely be back!!
by Fran P. on Sep 12
Very good massage. Coming back for another appointment soon.
by Daniel C. on Aug 13
Very relaxing experience, I never knew how much is involved in massage therapy and body pampering,Rosie was very knowledgeable on questions and concerns I had,her techniques and enviroment was great and professional, I recommend checking it out for yourself, from pain and discomfort , to just wanting to feel better she has the solution for you, thank again Rosie. Daniel C
by Frankie A. on Aug 04
Great experience overall.
by Alfredo Q. on Jul 10
by Anonymous on Jul 10
by Leonardo F. on Jul 09
by Delia C. on Jul 07
by Moni S. on Jul 04
Rosie Thank you for such an AMAZING Massage.